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Unexpected Benefits of Spending Time Alone

Do you constantly spend time alone?

Research has shown that there are some unexpected benefits of spending time alone. Many people suffer from spending a lot of time alone. However, some experts claim that being alone can even benefit your social relationships, improve your creativity and self-confidence. In addition, you can help control your emotions when solving problems by spending some time alone. So, it is good if you give some time to yourself to give birth to creative ideas.

In today’s digital social world, our young generation prefers to spend time alone having cell phones in their hands. They love to sit alone for hours playing online games and using social media sites. These types of spending time alone are indeed very dangerous and have too many negative effects on our physical and mental health. We enforce never to spend more than 30 minutes sitting alone in front of your cell phone screen. It will give you nothing but negative emotions and a waste of self-confidence.

Benefits of Spending time alone
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“It’s not that loneliness is always good, but it can be good”. If you’re willing to reject the idea that spending time with yourself is always a negative experience that you don’t choose, said Thuy-vy Nguyen, an assistant professor who studies loneliness in the Department of Psychology at Durham University, to The New York Times.

An online survey called the Rest Test revealed that most of the enjoyable activities for people were performed when they were alone. However, spending too much time alone isn’t appreciated anywhere as it has some psychological and stressful effects on our minds.

Unexpected Benefits of Spending Time Alone!

Here are some of the unexpected benefits of spending time alone:

1. Helps manage emotions, stress, and exhaustion:

For experts, people who value solitude and who do not tend to ignore their own desires to please others enjoy the alone time more. Spending time with your thoughts without social distractions is restorative, uplifting, builds confidence, and makes it easier for you to set limits.

Spending more time with yourself helps to set goals and look at everything through a new, more optimistic perspective. Being alone also helps you to disconnect the mind and improve by filling it with inspirational and motivational energy.

2. You explore new interests:

Being alone helps you get out of your comfort zone and create an opportunity to explore new interests. Experts recommend making space in your life and spending more time, at least, spending thirty minutes a week.

It is important to plan something that you enjoy doing; this will help you feel more productive and help you feel more relaxed.

3. You learn new skills:

Being alone will prompt you to find new activities that you can do. Reading, writing, painting, and doing crafts are some of the skills you will learn.

It is important that all activities are not related to other people or check social networks. It is recommended, although it is appealing, not to use the cell phone. Having a cell phone being alone cannot be considered that you are alone.

4. You discover yourself:

Loneliness allows you to know yourself better and identify what you prefer and what things you did under the influence of others. It can help you to become a better version of yourself.

Moreover, being alone helps new aspects of yourself to emerge that you didn’t pay as much attention to and that strengthens your self-esteem.

5. Solitude allows you to rest and regain energy:

Normally, all people go through pondering the things they must do, their to-do lists, debts, pending commitments. When you are alone, your brain “disconnects” from all these aspects.

Loneliness offers the possibility of clearing the mind and disconnecting yourself from everyday problems and stresses.

So, in your opinion, is it good to spend at least 30 minutes a week alone?

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32 Responses

  1. Great article! Many inventions have been birthed through individuals spending “alone time” to think and meditate on God for inspiration, or rethink their work with a fresh mind.

    Also, I have been warning our grandson that being on a computer for hours doesn’t stimulate the brain in a good way.

    Thanks for writing this article!😊👣

    • Rising Star says:

      Exactly Georgetta, spending time alone is one of the characteristics of successful people as they love to think creative ideas sitting alone.
      Hmmm, I hope your grandson will overcome it soon🤗.
      Have a nice new week 💐🥂

      • For grandson, we are raising him. He is 9 years old so we have restricted his computer time to weekend only for a total of 4 hours each day on Friday and Saturday with 2 hour intervals in between sessions.

        He doesn’t like the restrictions, so there is resistance from him. He thinks he should be free to be on the computer all day everyday. Plus his computer time is supervised, which he doesn’t like either.

      • Rising Star says:

        Hahaha, I know he doesn’t agree with the restrictions but I hope he will soon become habitual with it.
        In my opinion these restrictions will be beneficial for him. Kind wishes to you and your beloved family🌷💐.

      • Rising Star says:

        Anytime 🤗

  2. love my alone time!!! ❤️

  3. I think it’s definitely a good idea to have some time alone, but for some it shouldn’t be TOO much time alone, especially if they suffer from depression. There should be a sort of balance, but it’s different for everyone.

    • Rising Star says:

      Yes, I am completely agree with you Brandon, people going through stress and depression should not spend time alone because this can increase their anxiety and depression.
      However, it can be beneficial for normal people who want to get something special in life.

  4. adyalderuk says:

    I enjoyed your post as I am in lockdowm and could relate to the many of the points you have made especiially the time allowed to be creative. It was a positive piece which is waht we need at these unusual times.

  5. Informative post.If you sharply study the life history of Greatest scientist on Earth like Issac Newton,Albert Einstein and others,even many saints and sages from different sects and Faith’s are practicing silence and spending time alone.Basically it will enchance and boost your creativity and expand lateral thinking. Good bye and have a nice day.🌷🌷🌷🙏

  6. CattleCapers says:

    I’ve seen people even in hot tubs with phones in their hands, instead of relaxing and speaking to one another. When are people giving themselves time to think and reflect?

    • Rising Star says:

      That’s absolutely right. In fact we all have made our lives so much busy and frustrated that was never before.
      We have no time to relax our body and our brains. We have no time to spend it with our real life relationships. We have no time for ourselves to spend it alone and to think something different and creatively. But we have enough time to spend on TikTok, Facebook and games like Pubg.

  7. Loneliness and spending time alone are two very distinct things. Loneliness is the perception of what one feels and this is when the feeling of loneliness carries on for a long time, it can cause mental health as well as physical health issues. Being alone on the other hand is taking the time to spend time by yourself and not feel that you are lonely.

  8. Anna says:

    I love doing stuff on my own, because I can decide what I want to do and how to do it. Sightseeing is one of those things that I actually enjoy doing on my own from time to time as I can decide where I want to go, where to go next, how long to stay at a specific sight etc. Being by yourself can be very deliberating.

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