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Train Your Self-Discipline to Create a Better Version of Yourself

Self-discipline along with something you are really passionate about are the two main keys to success. Feel grateful when you find your true passion because most of us don’t even have a clue where to start. Your Self-Discipline is the first thing that can help you make a Better Version of Yourself.

Self-discipline makes you able to imagine yourself in a better way. For me when I found my passion was when I was going through adversity, it was a hard time but it also made me realize what my qualities are and what I really want to do with this life in this world.

Train your self discipline to be a better version of yourself

I strongly believe that our passion will be revealed to us when we are ready for it. Not sooner or later. Self-discipline on the other hand is within our control. We can actually train ourselves to become more disciplined.

  • “What people can achieve is amazing, but what most people achieve is disappointing” (Tony Robbins).

Training your self-discipline can be frustrating and annoying. You have to actually sit down, take your time, and do the work when you really don’t feel like it.

  • Every single day you are either gaining ground or losing ground… You get to choose” (Jonathan Alsheimer).

When we put in our effort to make things work while we really don’t want to we feel like we are suffering, We lack concentration and energy. We literally have to force our minds to work with us and not against us.

And every 5 minutes our mind tells us to quit and relax because that is comforting us. DO NOT GIVE IN.

Self-discipline in my opinion is a fancy term that means you have total control over your own mind.

So when our brain tells us to quit, our brain tries to take over control. We can’t let this happen, so we tell our brain to maintain focus for another five minutes and after those five minutes, we are going to spend another five minutes. This way our brain is getting used to it. Repetition is key.

The next time you are going to focus on something you will notice it becomes easier. Always keep pushing yourself away from the comfort because this is where you grow as a person.

Your brain is always going to try and trick you to get your mind back into your comfort zone. It is our battle to fight against it. When we return to our comfort zone now, our brain has won the battle. If we decide to stay a little longer outside our comfort zone, our mind needs to adapt.

Adversity shows us who we really are. We are forced to see the facts of how things really are. It is up to us what we do with it. Here’s another article related to personality development. 9 Steps to be the best version of Yourself.

Stay motivated;

Chase your dreams;

You can do it!

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