Guest Post: By Naushad Khan from Multi-Marketing.

Yes indeed, The world is changing. There is no doubt about that. There is no escaping it and we cannot change that simple fact. The way of life we are used to and we were once accustomed to will be no more very soon. Why do I say this?

Because we all are about to enter possibly the greatest economic crisis the world has ever seen. Jobs & traditional businesses will be lost. There will no longer be such a thing as a “secure job”. The traditional way of income will be non-existent. You will have to create your own income or perish, nobody will do it for you or your family to survive. It will be every individual for himself.

We at Multi-Marketing have been saying this since the beginning of the year, which, without patting ourselves on the back unnecessarily, shows some foresight on our part to be able to read and forecast the direction of the economy without much information or number sheets – simply observing the world around us. As they say: observation is the greatest educator. Do you know, What is Affiliate Marketing?

The world is changing

Let us take the South African context for example, which is my locality. As I write this, many of us are digesting the announcement from our country’s President, his Excellency, Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa on the evening of Thursday, 23 April 2020, where he announced a gradual and phased return of normality in order to return some stability to our economy, which was already in deep trouble prior to this virus arriving on our shores, following the recent numerous power cuts (known to us as Load Shedding) rolled out by our single, local, embattled power grid system, provided by State-Owned Enterprise, Eskom.

The President had previously reported to us via an announcement on Tuesday, 21 April 2020 that at least 42.2 % of jobs and businesses in South Africa will be lost or shut down by the end of the year due to the devastating impact this is having on our already injured economy which I foresee possibly never fully recover from this series of blows it is being confronted with on a seemingly never-ending and rather ridiculously continuous basis.

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I am not here to simply report on the “all doom and gloom” situation that not only South Africa, but the world at large is facing, but simply to remind you of the facts and propose a way forward in order to save our income sustainability, which allows us to put food on the table without total employment dependency, as we can clearly see that no jobs are secure any longer in this “new world” we are fast approaching.

So what is the answer in a world that is evolving to be one where there is no more “job security” and one where the traditional method of doing business is dying off? It’s rather simple – create your own income, harnessing the power of online business. At the outset, it appears to be a daunting task and some scoff at it, believing it is something that only a select few can achieve – but with belief and perseverance, anything is possible, including creating your own financial independence. And online business is the most secure way, as security has ramped up in recent years with the advent of technology, it is only the select few who fear and refuse to learn that do not harness the true potential of the internet and do not apply their minds to make money off it.

Many of us spend hours in a day – especially during the Lockdown period – online, either on our favorite social media apps or Googling something and some with better internet connection watching YouTube videos. Online is not the future anymore, it is the present. It is here and now and the entire fourth industrial revolution, which is happening as we speak, is built around it. Why not spend that time that we spend online recreationally and turn it into a system of bringing an income into our household? Fear of the online  world, laziness, complacency with a mediocre life, refusal to learn new methods and the mindset of believing that it is impossible are the only things that can hold one back from making an income for themselves. Some who also do not have the patience and perseverance will struggle to survive in this new world.

Local libraries also provide online access, if you do not have a device yourself, but the fact remains that the online business is not completely out of your reach. Nobody can complain or cry and whine about their situation when solutions are readily available – your willingness to do it is based upon you and how you react to it.

The World is Changing

We at Multi-Marketing have developed various systems that allow one to create a sustainable income for themselves by helping them find and develop their God-given talents, hone their skills and craft, and create a reliable and financially independent life. This allows us to create entrepreneurs, allowing people to create their own income, away from the unemployment line, alleviating poverty, and establishing a culture of social independence, removing the antiquated “employment dependence for sustenance” mindset most people are trapped in.

In addition, we assist already established businesses in advertising campaigns and converting them to the online world, therefore allowing them to continue operation even under circumstances like this that arise in the future where the traditional model of business will be lost and the online method will be the way to go in order to continue generating income even through tough periods such as this. This defines our mission & vision at Multi-Marketing more clearly, which is seen on our homepage at

You either force yourself to make it work or you perish. Life has become do or die in this age and we cannot escape it, we can only adjust and evolve our lifestyle to adapt to it. Impossible is Nothing. That is what we believe at Multi-Marketing and it has never wrong more true than it has in the current situation that the world is being confronted with.

Feel free to contact us for more information on our website or via email at my direct email, We are always ready to assist you in building your financially independent future. Thank you.

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