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So, without preamble, I want to talk to you about what I feel… under this intense blue sky where there is no lack of clouds that fly to the compass of the wind. I intend to release for me and for you all those sensations that, for a long time, they remain knotted in my throat after fluttering on my MOTHER IN EXPERIMENT chest.

In reality, this attempt dates from the same instant of that beautiful and passionate encounter with my muse, in which the discovery of another facet of my universe just began; a very special one, to which without thinking, the door was opened to me by the tender and hopeful image of the sprout of several leaves of a clover.


I do not know why I had postponed it; it is enough to believe that there are reasons that we do not understand when the moment has not come. The truth is that, this morning I have coincided again with the purest figure of those old storybooks “Missis Stork” announcing the arrival of a beautiful princess to this kingdom.

The Motherhood Experience of a Woman

Fortunately, today’s life flourishes in a home where very recently a generous soul left in silence … Leaving sadness, pain, grief, and confusion. This is undoubtedly the wise way in which God shows us all that other beginnings always await us, no matter how difficult it is to understand, no matter how impossible it may seem to those who refuse to believe it.

Undoubtedly, the happy event deserves, at least, that I express my prisoner desire at once here. Motherhood is one of those issues that are not exclusive to one gender; it does not matter if you are a man or if you are a woman that has not yet made this dream come true. I transmit my experiences to you, in the final case, accompanied by my best wish that this divine gift is not denied to you beyond your own time. You might also like;

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Form of each, we are all the fruit of that process. You as I have been gestated in the womb of a woman who despite any human defect, has maintained over the years her will of steel to educate us by example and help us grow outside, inside, betting on becoming her best relief.

Personally, I have the immense pleasure of being one more link in that necessary chain of dreams. Without any shame, I accept that, although being a daughter is a role that I appreciate and try to honor without sparing any effort. Being a MOTHER is not only the greatest challenge I face, but it is also the most beautiful and rewarding one that I thank the creator of the earth and the sky, from my heart.

Have you ever wondered how being a mother impacts a woman’s life?

To my satisfaction, I am one of those who have managed to become strong and courageous. I have been learning to sew and reinvent myself in a thousand ways, to wear the lawsuit of “who can do everything” to be a roaring lioness, the same as a meek sheep sometimes, the humble apprentice of a helmsman who should not and cannot lose his heading for more storms than facing.


Being a MOM for almost 16 full years has allowed me to enjoy the most genuine of feelings: love of the good … unconditional and perfect. I confess that this privilege that I have enjoyed since that raw winter morning, when I had the joy of giving birth, is my greatest blessing, my priority, my first challenge.

For my daughter, I have looked into the eyes of fear. I have overcome hard times. I have overcome discouragement myself. Also, I have cried with joy and my own outrages too because in constant learning there are both achievements and mistakes. No, there are no manuals that guarantee total success. Everyone is responsible for the good or bad operation.

On my own, in my eagerness to care for and protect my sweet maiden, I have strengthened my efforts to teach her to be her, to defend her flag against wind and tide and never to give up, no matter how thick the fog may be. Yes, I prefer her as a warrior, because moving on, even when I am no longer with her, is a life decision that is formed and, furthermore, always, always rewarded.

Of course, the intention is not to believe that I am an exception to this rule. I do not attribute more merit to myself than to find myself at ease in the trench as part of an illustrious and numerous female armies where each one, in her own way, is striving to achieve the highest degree of EXCELLENCE in its sense of supreme quality.

Let these “Flashes of Light” be sincere recognition for all those who in silence, from anonymity, are true protagonists. Our mission, my darling mothers, does not end … our legion is eternal … We are angels without wings destined to populate the earth.


The article is originally written in Spanish by the Legend Mom “Flashes of Light” and translated and published into English by Rising Star.

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