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A Lady in the Bus! When it was 02:00 AM | A True inspirational Story

A True Inspirational Story:

A Short Inspirational Story: Last night, I traveled a long journey by bus. I started my journey at 11:00 PM. It was a pleasant journey because the weather was quieted awesome. It was a rainy night. I always enjoy traveling at the night in such pleasant weather.

As I started the journey, I was sitting with another passenger on the second seat of the bus. When it was 02:00 AM. The other passenger with my seat reached his destination and left the bus. Now, I was sitting alone and the other seat was free.

I saw a lady at an age of nearly 18 years, traveling with another old lady, maybe it was her mother or possibly her mother-in-law. The lady was holding her cute baby in her arms. She was sleeping while sitting on a seat and also holding her baby in her arms.

A Short Inspirational Story:

Inspirational story
Inspirational Story

The lady looked at me and I also looked at her. After some time, she again looked at me and I also looked at her. It happened three to four times. After sometimes she gets up from her seat holding her baby in her arms and looked all around the bus and again sits down on her seat. Most of the passengers were sleeping at that time. She again looked at me several times. I felt, that the lady is in need of some help, but she could not express herself and can’t ask for help.

Surprisingly, in my area, it is not possible to ask a stranger about something both for a man and for a woman. But my heart was not feeling good without asking her that if she needs some help from my side. I hold down my heartbeats and literally asked her that if she is looking for having my seat. No sooner did I ask her, she said yes I need your seat. I left my seat and said to her that she can freely sit in my seat. She left her seat holding her baby in her arms and sit down on my seat.

I was surprised more when she took another baby from the same single seat. I was wondered how did she manage two babies with a single seat. Moreover, I was feeling so happy and proud of myself that I helped her. Although, it was not any major deed my small effort did a lot to that lady and her two babies.

The Aim of this Inspirational Story:

Here, I write this Article not to show that I’m a good person but I realize that I should discuss this matter with you because this happens to all of us in our daily lives. There is a requirement of a little concentration that can help others a lot.

We human beings are not born for ourselves. But we are here to help others and to support those who need our care. We the youngsters are to give a little concentration to senior citizens, Ladies, and Babies. They always need special concentration. We should help and support them. Leaving a seat for aged people and ladies does not disturb us more than it means a lot to their support and happiness.

How would you like to define this small piece of the truly inspirational story to strengthen our peaceful community?

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