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Thandiani Hill Station, Abbottabad

Would you believe it or not but this beautiful place is in Pakistan?

Thandiani Camping Paradise is located in Abbottabad, Pakistan. These pictures are taken during the visit to Thandiani Hill Station, Galyat, Abbottabad, Pakistan. Each image presents its own remarkable beauty and wonderful sensation for his presence.

Thandiani Galyat Pakistan, Natural Beauty of Pakistan
Thandiani Galyat Pakistan, Natural Beauty of Pakistan

This is the Area called Thandiani, located near Galyat and Abbottabad in the province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. This is a wonderful hill station, known as Thandiani literally means (very cold place).

Thandiani is famous due to its aesthetic weather and eye-catching greenery over here. Visitors especially come here in the winter season and enjoy it a lot. Being at a height altitude, it is very cold and the snow covers mountains and hilltops in the winter season. Due to its location at a very height, it represents attractive scenery and several hiking trails into the forests and other nearby locations.

Thandiani Top Hotels:

So, Here’s the list of Thandiani Top Hotels for you.

  1. Pearl Continental Hotel Bhurban: Murree Hills, Bhurban 47150, Pakistan (19.4 miles from Thandiani)
  2. Pearl Continental Hotel Muzaffarabad: Upper Chattar, Muzaffarabad 13100, Pakistan (19.6 miles from Thandiani)
  3. Hotel One Mall Road Murree: Jawa Building, Gpo Chowk, The Mall, Murree 41750, Pakistan, (19.8 miles from Thandiani)
  4. Islamabad Marriott Hotel: 5 Aga Khan Road Shalimar | PO Box 1251, Islamabad 44000, Pakistan,(30.1 miles from Thandiani)
  5. Shangrila Resort Hotel Murree Hills: Lawrence College Rd, adj to Punjab House, Murree 47230, Pakistan, (19.9 miles from Thandiani)
  6. La Orilla Hotel And Restaurant: Rarha, Muzaffarabad 13230, Pakistan (17.5 miles from Thandiani)

1. Thandiani Hill Station

Thandiani Galyat Pakistan Hill Station Natural Beauty of Pakistan

2. Thandiani Galyat Hill Station View

Thandiani Galyat Pakistan Hill Station view

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3. Thandiani Hill Station, Abbottabad

Thandiani Galyat Pakistan Hill Station  zyarat

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4. Thandiani Galyat

Thandiani Galyat Pakistan Hill station view Natural beauty of pakistan

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So, what would you like to say about Thandiani Hill Station, Abbottabad?

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