Thandiani Hill Station, Abbottabad

Would you believe or not but this beautiful place is in Pakistan!

Thandiani Camping Paradise is located in Abbottabad, Pakistan. These pictures are taken during the visit of Thandiani Hill Station, Galyat, Abbottabad, Pakistan. Each image presents its own remarkable beauty and wonderful sensation for his presence.

Thandiani Galyat Pakistan, Natural Beauty of Pakistan
Thandiani Galyat Pakistan, Natural Beauty of Pakistan

This is the Area called Thandiani, located near Galyat and Abbottabad in the province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. This is a wonderful hill station, known as Thandiani literally means (very cold place).

Thandiani is famous due to its sweet weather and eye catching greenery over here. Visitors specially come here in winter season and enjoy a lot. Being at a height altitude, it is very cold and the snow covers mountains and hill tops in the winter season. Due to location at a very height it represents an attractive scenery and several hiking trails into the forests and other nearby locations.

1. Thandiani Galyat Pakistan Hill Station

Thandiani Galyat Pakistan Hill Station Natural Beauty of Pakistan

2. Thandiani Galyat Pakistan Hill Station View

Thandiani Galyat Pakistan Hill Station view

3. Thandiani Galyat Pakistan Beautiful Hill Station

Thandiani Galyat Pakistan Hill Station  zyarat

4. Thandiani Galyat

Thandiani Galyat Pakistan Hill station view Natural beauty of pakistan

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33 Responses

  1. ecohorizons says:

    Every country has its own unique beauty and divine blessings whether seen or unseen…

  2. Hmm cool place!
    The country should promote thing like this to kill their “war ridden” facade.

  3. You captured the essence of its beauty quite nicely!

  4. A really beautiful place.

  5. Ikor Sandra says:

    This is beautiful
    Nature gives special beauty to earth 😊

  6. Nancy Ruegg says:

    I can feel the peace of the place through the photograph! Lovely.

  7. This place is really beautiful and the pictures cannot do justice to the real beauty which can be captured by one’s naked eye. You have surely captured beautiful images, those who have visited this place (like me) would be able to cherish the beautiful memories. Thank you for this amazing informative material👍🏻

    • Rising Star says:

      Thanks Hena, I am so happy you liked it and expressed your emotions. That’s really great you have managed your spare time to visit such beautiful places. It place a solid sensations in our mind and force us to re visit me. I really appreciate your response and I look forward to explore your blog. Thank you so much for your time and worthy response to my blog.

      • You are most welcome. I would be delighted to have your feedback on my blog

      • Rising Star says:

        Sure Hena, I will do visit your blog on regular basis, in fact I visited your blog but I found you are working hard for your blog, but you do not have good comments on your blog, if you need some assistance you can contact me through contact form for some useful tips. It will be a honor for me if I could help you out.

  8. Hello Rising Star, I am a new comer to your blog. Your pictures of the countryside are beautiful. I can feel the love you have for your country and fellowman. So glad you are a Christian and that makes us sisters and brothers in Christ. Thanks for your ‘like’ on one of my blogs.

  9. aruna3 says:

    Most beautiful pics.

  10. Many thanx for sharing your pics and info.

  11. Very nice article. I absolutely love this website. Keep writing!

  12. jasim978 says:

    Inshallah soon I will visit these beautiful peaceful and mind blowing places

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