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what make me happy

What Brings Unconditional Tear of Joy in my Eyes

What brings a tear of joy to your eye? This is a question that seems to be a strange one. Anything good that happens suddenly brings a tear of joy and happiness in life. It could be as small as smiling your baby girl or as big as a prize bond. Well, the level of happiness can be different for all of us. A joy for me may have a...

How to find happiness in life

10 Unexpected Ways to Find Happiness in Life

In today’s digital world, finding happiness in life is going to become a question mark for almost all of us. Finding yourself again with a friend, starting a new project or turning your life around will make you find happiness almost without realizing it. Sophocles said that the greatest joy is the unexpected. And it is that happiness cannot be calculated or predicted. It is a feeling that prefers to...