I just wanted to say that respect each and every relationship you have in your life. One everyone will leave you alone one by one. But only thing left will be the Intense sorrows and memories. Continue reading Respect

Percipience care for others

Care for others "Percipience"

The world’s most precious thing is Percipience, which means care for others. This quality can be found only in a few people. The one who cares about the needs, emotions, and problems is called a Percipient. Not everyone can be a Percipient. Those who are having this quality are the luckiest people in the world. Continue reading Care for others "Percipience"

What is Leadership?

Leadership is the ability to lead a group of people or an organization. Continue reading What is Leadership?

love life happiness

Love Life Happiness!

Believe me! Life is too short too live. If we spent it in the thinking, to do awful and atrocious to someone or try to put his soul in a troublesome situation. If we Shake our false ego with the shade of a bad creations. Believe me! We will never be happy throughout our life. In some case if it gives you false satisfaction, but one day you will feel sorrow by that action. But at that time, you will be too late and your life will never ever give you a chance to readjust everything. Continue reading Love Life Happiness!

January 2020 Photography

Here are some of the Photography pictures for January 2020. I hope you will like these pictures. It’s so simple yet eye-catching. Look at the beautiful scattered and scarred leaves of the garden and add your kind reviews. Continue reading January 2020 Photography

Love your Girls

In most of the countries, when a girl or lady wants to start something new in her life before marriage or after marriage, she faces a lot of discouragement from her family and fellow friends. She goes through a lot of discouragement before going to start something different and unexpected. Nobody looks ready to respect her emotions and accept her decision. Continue reading Love your Girls

Don't worry! Let them say

Almost all of us always want to be liked and appreciated by everyone for our talent, our nature, our achievements, and our intelligence. Sometimes we almost rely on the opinion of other peoples and we try to spend our lives according to their wishes. We always give priority to the other peoples thinking that what they think of us? Continue reading Don't worry! Let them say

Blogger Recognition Award II

I have been nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award by Carol Balawyder. Carol Balawyder is such a wonderful writer that at first I was so much surprised when I took a look at her site. She is indeed a great experienced writer. She writes for different categories. Whenever you got time don’t forget to visit her site. I hope you will like her writing. Continue reading Blogger Recognition Award II