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Money is a good servant but an awful master(Quote). I believe when you have it, it only magnifies everything about you. If you are a good person, you will undoubtedly do good things with it. If you’re a jerk, it’ll only magnify that. Money is like a tool(Quote). You should choose to use this tool how you see it, to perfectly fit. You are required to control money, it shouldn’t control you. Don’t love money and at the same time don’t waste money. Love to money can make you feel weak. Use it at right time and at right place.

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Money just gives you options, but those options are yours to do what you will. Money is the root of unleashing goals and dreams. Some people say money is the root of all evil, but it is not so. Money tells about your inner thoughts and feelings and reveals your inner emotions to the world. It represents the means to be happy but does not buy happiness. You might also like HOW TO BECOME SUCCESSFUL.

Half the world will be more evil than the average person, and the other half will be more awesome than the average person, which side you choose to be on is yours. Money can be used for all sorts of awesomeness. It is absolutely possible to have a lot of money and still be poor in life, and it is also very possible to have very little money but have a very rich life.

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I don’t believe that I ever consciously look at money in either of these ways; I’ve more just looked at it as a measurement. It certainly makes your life easier.  It becomes the root of all evil when you worship it above other good things. When it came to what I would do with the money, I never really cared and ended up just saving. I would consider myself to be very money neutral. You might like How to Build Confidence.

Money is the root of different paths (Quote) . It is up to the individual on what path they must follow. Either they want to make it a servant or a master. It can be good if you use it for good and bad if you use it for bad things. Contributing a certain amount to nonprofit organizations is a path worth following from my view.

Looking forward to your expert opinion. What is money to you?

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