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how to stop comparing yourself to others

How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Stop comparing yourself to others, Do you compare yourself to other? Comparing ourselves to others has become a common problem nowadays. This is not the problem with a single person but has become a solution needed problem for every one of us. Comparing yourself to others is not only holds you back in life but also gave birth to criticism and jealousy. When you compare yourself to others you only...


Body Language | 29 Powerful Tips For Personality Development

Body language is an important factor in communication than we often think. According to various studies, it is so important that about 93% of what we transmit in a conversation is non-verbal communication. Body language tips and skills can be the most powerful tool if used correctly and wisely in all types of conversation, especially virtual communication. What is Body Language? Body language is actually the non-verbal communication we speak...


How to Read Body Language | 6 Ways to Recognize Nonverbal Cues

Body language encompasses all the conscious and unconscious signals of the body that give information about the emotional state or the intentions of a person. Did you know that 55% of the message we want to convey is achieved through nonverbal gestures and postures? So, it is important that you recognize the signals that the body gives when starting a conversation to be able to discern when they tell you...

How to Control your Emotions

How to Control your Emotions

Why can’t I control my emotions in stress and anger?
Taking control of emotions is indeed a tough job, but it is totally doable. Everyone can control their emotions. Believe in yourself. You can do anything. You can control your emotions. Anything is possible. Everything is possible. People just require a little inspiration and motivation.
What are emotions?
Emotions are feelings that are the side-effect of our thoughts, opinions, and actions. We express our emotions through our thoughts, wishes, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes. In other words, emotions demonstrate our analysis of life.
We are human beings and so we have emotions. We, too, experience a range of emotions. God has created us with powerful emotional intelligence energy. We see in Scripture that God experiences emotions such as grief, anger, and wrath. If we were created without emotions, we’d be like a bunch of robots walking around. Without emotions, humans are just like a body without a soul.
Emotions affect our minds and body. Here are the Effects of Stress, anxiety, and depression.
Emotions are very powerful and real and can be quite intense. Even our mental and physical well-being can also be affected due to the power of emotions. Worry can lead to ulcers. Stress and anxiety lead to high blood pressure. Sleeplessness, headaches and weight fluctuations can all be the side-effect of our emotions.