Top 5 Basic Blogging Tips for Bloggers

In this article, I’m going to share a few basic blogging tips for beginners. These points are so important for everyone as bloggers especially beginners. These blogging tips will help you survive in the world of blogging in the very first two years. After completing your first two years as a blogger, nothing can stop you to continue your blog journey.

As you know blogging is a never-ending journey, full of fun, enjoyment and at the same time a good source to increase your knowledge, wisdom and a waste field of getting new friends and followers all over the world. You will be required to keep yourself motivated and encouraged. If you are doing it a part-time, do it with a passion. Write a blog post with full devotion so that a reader will enjoy to read your blog post. Here are some Secrets of Success.

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Let’s discuss the six basic and most important points to survive in blogging for a much longer period.


At first it comes to branding your ideas. Select your best niche at which you are most interested and confident to continue for a longer duration. Make your brand more interesting with your unique qualities and presentation. Select a good blogging platform. and,,,,,,, and are some of the best blogging sites and platforms for 2020.

1-3 Months:

During the 1-3 months duration, manage your commenting session and work on invitation of guests to your blog. A good, positive and timely response to your followers will motivate them to visit again your blog. Adjust your goals and milestones. Social media sharing is so much necessary to increase your traffic and audience. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumbler and snap chat, etc are some of the good social media platforms to share your blogs and gain valuable followers.

4-7 Months:

In this duration of your blogging, work on finding a good community. Build a community Email list. Feed your RSS certificates that are necessary for the security of your blog and site. Write a series of email list and send emails to the authentic and interesting followers. Always write a good presentation or email that attract the audience to read your mail it with interest. Mail Chimp is a good plugin that will help you generate an email list and will automatically send emails to your followers, which will help you grow your audience.

8-12 Months:

During 8-12 months duration blogging. Engage Fans and followers Niche. Find blogs of your own niche and engage them with your blog. Invite them and also invite their followers to visit your blog. Clean up your website and blog design. Maintenance of your site is very much necessary. A good look and design of your blog will attract visitors and will inspire them to visit again. Make sure to post at least 4 to 7 posts a week is much necessary to rank your blog in Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu, and some other search engines. Consistency in blog posting is necessary for good SEO ranking.

Year Two:

Amplify Lead Generation Partnerships. Lead generation is mostly used in marketing. But in blogging, it is as necessary as in marketing. Lead generation is the beginning of audience interest or inquiry into the services of a business. Leads can be created for purposes such as list building or for e-newsletter list acquisition. Invite fellow bloggers for Guest posts. Inserting a Photo Library is also a good option and invites contributors to your blog.

Besides these basic blogging tips, attracting the audience to your blog is as much necessary as food for you to survive. You can’t survive in the blogging field without motivation and encouragement. Positive response from your followers is a great source to motivate yourself. In the same way, you need to motivate and inspire your followers on their blogs. Blogging is the name of mutual co-operation among bloggers. Here are 6 Basic Tips to Become Successful in Life.

These are the few basic blogging tips for you to survive in the blogosphere world. I hope you will like these tips. I am pretty sure that these will help you keep continue your blogging for a longer duration. Make blogging as a passion and do it consistently.

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