be successful in life

My Success in Life

7 Top Secrets of my Success in Life

Life is strange but beautiful with success in life. It is full of hardships, challenges, and hard-hitting lessons. Success in life is also a challenge for everyone. At an earlier stage, you have many choices to choose and live your life as you want because at that stage you are dependent on your parents. But with the passage of time and at teen aging you reach a stage where you...

Self esteem activities for teens

6 Self-esteem Activities for Teens

Self-esteem Definition: Self-esteem is the ability of an individual to evaluate their own worth.  Sometimes self-esteem is referred to as self-worth or self-respect and it is an important part of success. It is a good feeling for you. Self-esteem and self-confidence are the two basic pillars of success. Self-esteem activities for Teens are so much important in order to be successful in life. It can be built gradually and step...