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Fail your way to success

5 Surprising Things you Pass on your Way to Success

I start my blogging career in the mid of 2019 and I faced a lot of challenges during this time period. Success in writing career was just a dream for me and I always faced fears of success and challenges which had strongly disturbed my concentrations but I never give up on my dreams. Along my journey, there have been a lot of moments when my poor brain freaks out and starts to question everything about my chosen path.

Sometimes it tells me that I should just throw in the towel and stop kidding myself. I think I would have given up already if it wasn’t for someone uttering the words “fear of success is a real thing too” to me. The fear is a very real thing, and here are some of the weird, but totally normal things that can happen on that journey.

Example: Instead of writing this blog post I am watching “The Secret: Dare to Dream” Hollywood Romance/Drama. I am actually seriously doing that. I know what my brain is doing; it’s trying to stall me long enough for me to believe that I can’t do what I set out to do. Then the moment to seize the opportunity passes and then haven’t I just gone out and proved myself right?

Fear of Success:

Fail your way to success
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I now know and understand that this is just Fear of Success or Fear of Failure. This is just me making up an excuse to not be successful right now. Basically, it’s giving me the opportunity to just stick in my comfort zone. Only successful people dare to step out of the comfort zone and nobody else’s….

How to overcome this?

I make a point of writing something every day! I’m either writing something or I am researching how to do something that is related to writing, or blogging. That isn’t a written rule, but I know myself enough to find that if I don’t hit the goal for the day, I am pierced with guilt. I have settled a daily goal for myself and it is a beautiful thing to have. So, write it down and then make that your reality through your uniqueness and research.

Your comfort zone:

I am not that proud to admit that often I don’t put a lot of time and effort into writing things. I bet I’d be a lot further along. All of this comes from being way outside my comfort zone. Unfortunately, to be successful you need to put yourself right in the middle of your comfort zone.

How to overcome this?

Just don’t do it; I try to acknowledge the moments when I can feel I am not doing my best. Once I can recognize them and name them I can start to overcome them. Try your best to get the perfect results no matter how much time it takes. Don’t stop your efforts in the middle of the way. I just mean that crap effort does not make beautiful things, and you get out of it what you put into it (Your time, emotions, energy, etc.).

You Set Ridiculously Unobtainable Expectations:

This always comes back to my subconscious being a giant jerk. Perfectionism doesn’t exist, really. No one in this entire world is perfect or has obtained perfection. That’s why we set those expectations for ourselves. Because we will never, ever reach that goal… then what do you know? We just set ourselves up to fail again.

How to overcome this?

Definitely, the answer is lower expectations. Think to yourself: is this really obtainable? Start with little things, and then work up to the bigger stuff. But don’t sell yourself short, because you are probably capable of a lot more than you realize.

You give it all up:

Never give up on your dreams. I am currently sitting on this fence. The only thing that keeps me going knows this is a normal thing to feel, wanting to throw the towel in and that this feeling passes. It’s the final hump. This hurdle is the one that makes your success or takes it away.

How to overcome this?

Just keep swimming. And that is seriously all there is to it. You don’t know when that break is that you’re going to make it. There is no way of ever knowing that. But if you give up you will never know when that break will be. I think not knowing is a lot scarier than finding out, so I am gonna find that out.

You Tell Yourself You Can’t:

I do this a lot more than I care to tell you about. This, I know, comes straight from what I think my worth is. Telling myself I can’t, is just validating that thought. Yet another excuse to stay in my comfort zone; where nothing exciting ever really happens.

How to overcome this?

I tell myself I can, every time that thought comes in. Just think about it this way. You know you can’t… because you literally won’t if you don’t try. But what if I told you that replacing that with “I can” would change your whole life? I mean believing it.

Believe in yourself and in your abilities. There is suddenly an entire world of possibilities! With so many openings you can be whatever your heart is telling you to be. You can do this. Believe me! Everything is possible in this world. What if you can think and dream you can achieve if you believe.

I am not going to lie. I am experiencing all of those right now as I am setting out on my own path to success. If I didn’t have a good support network I wouldn’t be, where I am right now. I have a lot of external supports to turn to when I am hitting a wall. Practice believing in yourself, and have a bunch of people around you to tell you can do it. Start turning the narrative from I can’t to What if I do?

So, believe you can do what you can dream. Anything is possible. Your success is waiting for you. You just need to step out of your comfort zone.

So, what are the main challenges that hold you back in your way to success?