Physical Activities

Depression, stress, anxiety, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, and laziness are some of the common health problems in today’s life. Nowadays people are having very busy routines and work stress. Everyone wants to earn so much money and become successful in their lives. Continue reading Physical Activities


Anxiety, Depression, tension and frustration are some of the most common problems of today’s life. There could be very few people not suffering from these mental ill-health problems.  It happens normally but some people are effected more, as compared to others. Emotional suppression also has some negative effects on human body and brain. Some normal emotional effects that causes are, increased alertness, Depression, fear and … Continue reading NEVER SUPPRESS YOUR EMOTIONS

We Should Compromise in A Relationship

Today I traveled for a long journey. I met a driver whose age was between 55 to 60 years. I will call him “Baba” in the Article. told me a very heart touching story of his life. After hearing his story, I became so upset. I think that he was at an age of 60’s. Baba was still doing a job of driving and was … Continue reading We Should Compromise in A Relationship