Straight roads can’t make you a good Driver

Straight roads don’t make skillful drivers. Life is not so easy. Every day we face new challenges and hardships. A person rarely has a smooth and problem-free life. There are always hurdles and difficulties in life, which make us stronger. And that is the real picture of life. If we always face easiness in life, we can never know the reality and pain of life. Life is like a challenge every passing day teaches us a new lesson. So if we don’t find any hardships, then we can’t get any real experience from life. Straight roads can’t make you a great driver. The bumps in life, the problems, and the challenges of life make us stronger to face every kind of situation. Without these little hurdles, life would be meaningless for us.

Straight roads don’t make skillful drivers:

You need to get out of your comfort zone and select a good milestone for your life. Success doesn’t come overnight. We are required to conquer many fields of difficulties. If we face ease in life, then we have nothing to compare in our hard times and vice versa. So it is necessary to face every color of life to enjoy life. There would be different hard times or challenges in life that make us stronger like, we have to work hard for good grades at school, some have financial issues to cope with. There are so many problems but the best way is to deal with them with a smiling face. Because a straight road does not make a great driver. The bumps are necessary to become a skillful driver. So like in life, the problems are helpful that will help you to glow more brightly.

Straight roads don't make skillful drivers
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Success is not Accidental:

Success is not accidental. There involved a lot of effort and hard works behind each success. For every problem in life, there is a solution then why do you need to be worried? The difficulties in life make us learn that how much we are capable of facing those hard times in life. After facing all the challenges, we will feel proud of ourselves, that how we faced the situation and the smooth time of life will be more joyful for us. The hard you face the difficulties of life, the easy will be your feeling for the rest of your life. We think it is very difficult to face the hardships but it’s just our thoughts and fear we have in our minds. If we face the hardship of painful life like a challenge, then it could be more than fun.

Every day give yourself a new challenge to learn something new. If you want easier life work on harder problems. This way you will learn to live a life in a meaningful way. Life is not an easy part to deal with, rather than it’s a challenge for those who accept them. Remember you can’t get a good experience if you don’t accept the challenges of life. There is always a positive and negative aspect of everything. Same there are so many situations in life that could be positive and negative for us. The negative parts of our lives teach us so many things that make us more sensible.

The hardships make us more mature to deal with the problems. The difficult situations ended up giving us different life experiences. But remember, Believe me! Everything is possible in this world. Those experiences will help us to grow and stronger in life. Remember, an easy life will never make you ambitious and hardworking. The challenging and difficult life though looks harder but in the end, gives us so many blessings of life.

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60 Responses

  1. Another wonderful post, R.S.!

  2. MB says:

    Amazing…… all the year of struggle now seems worthy and gives hope to fight more..the show must go on.😇😇

  3. Nice post!!👌 Everything is possible Here!! Thanks for the

  4. “You need to get out of your comfort zone and select a good milestone for your life. Success doesn’t comes over night.”
    Amen to that! Life without goals is not living, its just surviving for nothing! Great post!

    • Rising Star says:

      Life without goals is not living, its just surviving for nothing! Absolutely agree with your qoute. Life is a blessing from God and we have to live it in a better way 👏🤗❤️

  5. A wonderful inspirational post!

    I know I am always happier when I challenge myself. 🙂

  6. Jeanna Kay says:

    Very motivational post!

  7. Mizou says:

    Indeed ,”Success doesn’t comes over night. ” Thanks for sharing !

  8. Hardships & struggles gives us our why’s for pursuing our version of success & happiness in this lifetime. Great post🙏

  9. Excellent written. The life should be combination of hardship, struggles, happiness, and joy. Not many people take it easy when there is imbalance.

    • Rising Star says:

      Exactly Sara, you have summarized wonderfully. There comes many times when imbalance becomes difficult for many people. There are also so many people that don’t want to get out of comfort zone and want to become successful without taking risks. Happy to see you here on this blogging platform because you are in few of those who are from my beloved country. Having readers from foreign countries is a blessing but at the same time it hearts me that why our people don’t want to initiate? ❤️🤗🙁

  10. Congrats for such an awesome post, glad I’ve found it .

  11. Guestspeaker says:

    Reblogged this on From guestwriters and commented:
    Growing up we have to face different roads and more than once, need to make difficult choices which direction to take. That’s not always easy and sometimes we come to know much too late we took the wrong road.

    Our path of life may be very bumpy and with a lot of difficult and even dangerous corners. Handling our own driving wheel we must learn from our experiences, but may never forget we can learn also from the experiences of others. Therefore, it is always also very important to have ear and eyes open for what others felt and did and to look back at historical facts.

    Let us not only learn from own experiences but let us also from everything we can hear and see around us.

    • Rising Star says:

      Exactly, fully agree with your sayings. We must also learn from our surroundings along with experiences. But the things we learn from experience are very important and long lasting.
      Thanks a lot for taking the time to read out my blog post and adding your worthy words. And also reblogging my post.

  12. nitinsingh says:

    Simple philosophy of life

  13. Rising Star says:

    Thanks Tanya for giving me that honor. I can clearly imagine that your teacher was one of the best and motivated teacher. A great qoute if someone want to understand.

  14. SHRUTI DUBEY says:

    Sp true.One should come out of their comfort zone if they want to achieve something in life.

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