Smartphones and Social Media Addiction

Smartphones and Social Media Addiction is on its peak in today world. According to Science, oxygen is required for survival. Oxygen is an essential part to live a life. Also, humans need bread, clothes, and shelter to live. But in today’s world, in my opinion, the most important thing for a living is a Smart Phone. We are so much addicted to Smart Phones that we can’t dare to think without them. We are so much addicted to Social Media that without which we can’t even imagine life. It has become our compulsion because we have become so accustomed to them. Without it, we will not know anything and we are nothing without it. We know that it is ruining our real-life relationships. Smart Phones are suppressing our abilities to lead. Our time, our money, our energy, but we cannot control its use. We can’t limit and reduce its use.

Why change our minds and why we are so addicted to Mobile phones?

Smart Phone Addiction:

The reason we can’t control their usage is that because social media companies hired people who are called attention engineers. They can easily attract people because they are expert in reading people’s minds and they try to addict people with such applications as much as possible. They designed their notification system in such a way that people stay connected with the application for longer and that’s why people keep Smart Phones in their hands all the time. These companies know that people’s opinions are very important to us because their businesses are running due to the audience who they are succeeded to attract by their applications.

Social Media Addiction
Smartphones and Social Media Addiction

Social Media Addiction:

We are Addicted to Social Media more than the expectations. Whenever we upload a picture or update our status. We wait to see how many people will like the picture. How much like has gone to us? How much social shares and comment our post has got. As we get a like, a Social Media application sends us a notification, you have a new like or you have got a comment and this thing gives us happiness and satisfaction. We regularly check our Smart Phone to see the status of our post.

What is Social Media?

Social media is any digital platform that allows audience to quickly create and share content with friends and followers and also with public.

According to research, when you use a cell phone, a chemical continuously discharges from your brain, which is called “Dopamine”. This Hormone is called “Feel Good Hormone”. According to a study, this hormone is released when you drink or smoke or something else like this. It means we are addicted to our cell phones as we addict to drugs. Now there are restrictions over drugs and can’t be easily available everywhere. But there are no restrictions on Cell phones and Social Media. Whenever we feel uneasy or we sit alone, we use our cell phones to reduce our boredom.

Smartphones Social Media Addiction
Smartphone Addiction

Moreover, no one is having time to spend with people around them and no one is interested to have a talk with their friends and family members. I have observed many a time in a gathering, people are sitting around and everyone is busy with their cell phone.  They spend this precious time with mobile phones instead of gossiping with one another. A few days back I attended a funeral party, I noticed one thing which made me feel very sad and bad. I observed that people are sitting around in open areas praying for the Rest in Peace of that late person, their kids are busy having the parents phones in their hands and playing games. It is very bad and dangerous for the mental and body health of the kids. Even it is also bad for elders.

Isn’t it the height of Nonsense?

How do you accept that your 4-year kid will play digital and video games via a smart phone?

Sometimes if you are talking to someone and you hear the bell of your phone you stop your conversation at the point and make yourself bust with your phone. The fact is that the person calling becomes more important from the person near to you. You can’t bring your concentration back to a normal state for a while. Here’s a link, How to Improve Memory?

It is a fact that the way people represent themselves on social media is not the real way. They lie and try to show their fake lifestyle by lying to their followers. They show a higher lifestyle on social media but in reality, they aren’t. As much as they seem to be happier on social media in real they aren’t as happy. When they upload their picture on social media, they don’t show the real pictures of themselves; rather they edit the pictures and try to be shown happier. And when ordinary people see them, they compare their selves with them. Then they feel that we aren’t as happier as these fake people are. We aren’t happy like them and our lives aren’t so good.

Smart phone addiction
Social Media Addiction

Smartphones and Social Media Addiction Stress, and Depression

This is the thing that creates stress, anxiety, and depression. People feel guilty and depressed. However, they should keep in mind that people looking happier on social media may not be happy in real life. The people looking happier might be more stressed than them. They need to understand what he sees here doesn’t really happen. Behind is another life that can’t be expressed and can’t be captured by the camera.

According to a study, people that spent too much time on social media like, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, the depression rate is higher as compared to others. So, you can only be happier if you put less stress over your brain. The key to happiness is to stop comparing yourself to others especially the fake social media lifestyle.

Always remember that you will not be happy in life when you put pressure on yourself. Cell phones and social media have become more important than true relationships. You give more time to a cell phone rather than your relationships. So please be careful. Try to limit its use as much as possible. Spend your worthy time with your loved ones.

So, if you are agreeing with me, don’t shy to share it with your friends and especially with your kids!

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89 Responses

  1. Angela Gaft says:

    Absolutely right and agreed with you! Good post!

  2. Tim O'Connor says:

    Great article. To think that social media elicits a change in brain chemistry is powerful and explains why so many drivers text and drive. When do we recognize and practice conscious control?

    • Rising Star says:

      Thanks Sir Tim for your time and inspiring words. Wd need to minize its use as much as possible and should spare some time in a 24 hrs day for our loved ones and for real life activities.

  3. It’s all for the notes and the camera. Ok, I’m not gonna lie.. I’m an addict. lol 🤣

  4. Great post.

    But I don’t agree with this, “The reason we can’t control their usage is that because social media companies hired people who are called attention engineers.”

    You don’t need special skills to know what humans need. We are very primitive animals. We like to think we are advanced but were not. We want attention and love, and that is what social media gives us. Yes they have designed the apps to provide us with more and more attention and love, which then makes us want more attention, and if we don’t get it, e.g. a photo gets no likes, we become depressed.

    It’s so easy to blame social media for these problems, (yes they don’t help) but in my opinion, all that social media has done is reflected our true nature.

    People have become materialistic; they have lost their connection to the spiritual part of themselves, and nature. They need constant approval, acceptance, appreciation, and that is what the like button, etc. does for them.

    The problem runs so much deeper than social media. It’s a problem that has been developing in human psychology over the last 100 years—caused by corporations marketing, that we need the latest technology, fashion, and accessories to be happy and fulfilled.

    • Rising Star says:

      All right, BTW i am fully agree with you. Social media gives us fake happiness and satisfaction through likes.
      We are so materialistic that we have no time for the true relationships.
      Social media is good in a sense that it provides a lot of information along with entertainment. The main problem is not the social media but the excessive use of social media.

  5. Sully says:

    I don’t have a phone 😛

  6. Sully says:

    I’m probably the only 16 year old in america that doesn’t have a phone

  7. Máryurit says:

    Completamente de acuerdo. Los excesos no son buenos y en este ámbito rozan con la adicción. Si no ejercemos el debido control podemos llegar a perder el sentido de lo que es verdaderamente importante.

  8. Such an important topic (reminds me of the Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma). Thank you for sharing! 🙂 The intention of social media began to connect others, yet the consequences of it that you highlight worry me very much. Unfortunately, it has a disruptive, negative impact on mental health. :/

    • Rising Star says:

      Absolutely right dear. It was developed to connect others and especially the people far away from us. But excessive use is introducing us to mental problems.
      2nd it is affecting our children’s education and future. Knowing everything about it but still can’t limit its use.

      • Yeah, your point about “excessive use” is important! There is a way to healthily use social media in a way that is not harmful. ☘️ Yeah, the exposure kids have to social media impacts their self-esteem (negatively). 🙁 I was also thinking recently about how kids are going to class on zoom right now, which limits their face-to-face interaction with peers. 🙁

      • Rising Star says:

        Absolutely, zoom is also affecting kids face-to-face interaction which give tjem energy and speaking😔. In fact we all are away from interaction to others which is also creating mental problems and unsatisfaction💐. May this pandemic be over soon🤲. Amen.

      • Yes, isolation, when we are made to “bee” with others! 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝. I “bee-lieve” it will, because it is possible for humanity to find a vaccine. 🙂 (-: 🙏

      • Rising Star says:

        Hopeful for the best. We are now tired of this isolation😔

      • 💙💙💙💙💙

  9. Riising Star, I think this very real problem will be easier to solve once the pandemic is over and we can safely interact with others. I do not have a smart phone, just a laptop. I am not on social media except for WordPress, which has done a great deal to relieve the isolation of the pandemic. it has also given me helpful feedback on my writing, something that I had wanted for a long time. All the best!

    • Rising Star says:

      Thanks Cheryl, for your time and kind feedback💝🤗💝. Yes, you are right here that it might be easier after the pandemic is over🤗🤗. I am also not so active on social media and just love the WordPress family💝💝. Here we can get real friends as compared to social media💐💐. Isn’t it so Cheryl🤔?

  10. Rising Star, I don’t have a smart phone, just a laptop. I am not on social media except for WordPress, which has been a great antidote to the isolation during the pandemic. It has also given me valuable feedback on my writing, which I have wanted for a long time.

    I think this very real problem of addiction to smart phones and social media will be easier to solve after the pandemic is over and we can safely interact with others.

  11. Actually I am person who likes to maintain distance from social media😶

  12. conniesue says:

    Thank you, Rising Star, for reminding us all that life is not in the smart phone or social media. Some of our schools around here banned the phones from the classrooms: scores went up and so did the community aspect!

    I know many of the “” execs send their kids to schools that do not use computers or cell phones in order to nurture creativity! Some great books on effects: Glow Kids by Nicholas Kardaras, Phd.

    • Rising Star says:

      That’s a nice step taken by the schools and I am glad to hear from you. I would also do my best to share such point with my colleagues which are running schools. Actually phones may strongly affect Creativity level of childrens. I would love to read this book also.
      Thanks Conniesue (is that your good name? ) for your time and honorable feedback. It really means a lot to me🤗💐💝.

  13. Lauren says:

    Great points! I don’t think there is enough talk about this. I remember having a gathering at my home once (when that was allowed and we weren’t afraid to get sick) and I called out some people about 8 years younger than me to get off their phone. The rest of us, older, didn’t have a problem. They are so used to it that they don’t know how to socialize without it. My son, he’s 14 – tells me everyone on the school bus is on their phone. It’s insanity.

    • Rising Star says:

      Absolutely right Lauren. That’s the problem everywhere in the world. Gathering has shrinked and everyone is feeling comfortable having a smartphone in their hands. No doubt we can’t leave without a smartphone or Social media gatherings but we should limit its use and we should focus on physical gatherings.

  14. Rising Star says:

    Absolutely right. Smartphones and Social have become the food of our satisfaction. We start our day with a smartphone in our hands and ends with a smartphone below our pillow.

  15. Susan Aken says:

    So true! Thank you! But so sad.

  16. Very good content but you can make money with social media

  17. Amen. Well written and oh, so true. God bless you.

  18. Outstanding post, well done! Thanks for your hard work, well written and nicely presented. I have shared with my Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn audiences.

  19. WillAdolphy says:

    Ah man thanks so much for this! Great content. I’ve literally just done 4 months without a smartphone and it has CHANGED my life. So was great to read this.

    If you get the chance to read would be an honour to hear your thoughts 🙂

  20. bobokuma says:

    Yup, sure truth

  21. This post is really good. Thank you so much for taking the time to spread awareness about a serious issue. The word you have used “attention engineers” is the perfect word. They can control us because they know our weaknesses. They understand our desires, fears, guilts, and all… and they use these weak points to make us tech addicts. Please write a post to solve this problem.

    • Rising Star says:

      Ahhh, thank you so much Vikas for your time and honorable response. Your inspirations means a lot to me. Well, I will definitely try to write a post to control the use of social media. Have a wonderful day 💐

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