Sketch of a Man to the Just Measure of a Woman

I like to imagine you like this, thereby how I feel you, strong despite your fears, the kind that I know you also have and that you keep under seven keys in some corner of your body, that you don’t tell anyone because you’ve learned to deal with them and at this point, they no longer scare you, rather the being able to defeat them at once serve you as a challenge.

I am pleased to think you always sure of what you have and what you want; ready to learn what you do not know or know less, measured, modest, focused on growing from within; betting on a better future and not as say any of those fantastic storybooks but as something achievable, totally true.

I am proud to know that you are intelligent, skilled in searching and evaluating possible alternatives to each one of your mistakes; persevering in your struggle, brave to take risks, and to defeat even discouragement;  humble to learn from mistakes, and determined to get up again.

what woman search in a man

It fascinates me that you do not forget where you come from, that you know about the effort and the time it takes to achieve the good; that you insist on being real and on cultivating feelings, those that ennoble the soul and allow us to reach heaven.

I want you to know what the words respect, freedom, dignity, loyalty, dedication and commitment mean, above all, that you carry them out in your work towards others because, in my opinion, it is the action that distinguishes a human being who is not satisfied with having an ordinary existence, who knows very well what is at stake and that living and fulfilling are priceless.

I love that you are simple and correct, sincere, kind and joint because that is where the greatest merit locates for me, knowing how to share, wanting to help, and trying to improve our lives and that of others, without even paying attention to the type of bond that they have or can create with you, that is a divine gift, the gift of being a “good person.”

Spur me the fact that you feel attractive beyond your physique; it doesn’t matter if you wear a suit or not, if you wear pajamas or walk without it, your image is not your greatest charm. Your hallmark is your personality; it is your values ​​that far exceed the image of your body and make you look particularly special in my eyes before the rest.

What woman wants from a man

It seduces me to believe you are capable of listening to me without canceling you and of wanting to understand each of my criteria with sweet patience; to show a willingness to correct me, teach me how much you know, and offer me your support to grow in hand with a sincere love; mature and healthy enough to give and receive, confident, passionate and tender at the same time.

I am captivated that you are a real man, one of flesh and blood, all imperfect, but with a huge and noble heart in your chest; that if you have to laugh, laugh and cry if the moment asks for it; that you do not forget your word or the value of a flower and an “I love you”. Yes, let you be a gentleman for whom taking care of me is heaven, as well as pampering me and, of course, know how to give me a lot of peace and encouragement.

And in such a way did your soul appear in my dreams, worried because such expectations supposed you to be perfect to the point of becoming idealized and uncertain; I came to feel sorry, I confess, but not from me, from her who did not understand that all this is nothing other than believing in you and I BELIEVE that this is the simple outline of the man that you can be with just a little wanting to be.

how woman thinks of a man

There is your magic… in your iron will, and what magic! one that completely enchants every woman, but that you decide to allocate only one, the one that also, for its own purpose, is built on the best version of herself, she is forged slowly and silently because she understands that rush and noise is not synonymous with success.


 I do not think exactly luck that we both agree on this, that without looking for you, you arrive and that while I arrive in a certain way, you wait for me. It is a mutual purpose that dates back a long time, that has been forming and shaping to the rhythm of masterstrokes that transcend your gender and my gender in order to show us the value of what before seemed our biggest and worst disagreements.

May these “Flashes of Light” serve so that one day, when we are, only then may God allows you and me to meet…..


The Article is written by “Flashes of Light” in Spanish and translated into English by Rising Star with joint efforts.

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17 Responses

  1. Lia says:

    Absolutely beautiful to read.

    • Rising Star says:

      Thank you so much Lia. How would you summarize it?

      • Lia says:

        Just as I wrote above. :)) But to elaborate further, the images that were put with it make it so clearly about true, compassionate love; a feeling of being completely recognized and cared for, for the best of what each of us is inside. 💛

      • Rising Star says:

        Ahhh, That’s so nice Lia. I am so glad you put your words and enlighten it more. Actually It’s written by one of my Spanish friend. Also thanks for words said about images, as I choose those images at my own interest. Have a blessed weekend my friend.

      • Lia says:

        Sorry did not see this till now. So lovely. The images made it very special. Nice work on the translation. Thanks for the very sweet message, and hope you have a blessed weekend too. :))

      • Rising Star says:

        Thanks dear for your warm words💝. Really means a lot to us🤗. Have a wonderful weekend my friend 💐💐💐

  2. Beautiful… epitome of true love

    • Rising Star says:

      Thank you so much Lisa, I am so glad you liked the article written with pure emotions. Thanks for stopping by my blog for the time and dropping your kind words. It really means a lot to us.

  3. Holly says:

    Wow, what a stunningly beautiful poetic flow to capture the essence of what love is all about. When we love one another in the good and bad – our good grows along with our bond. A relationship built on such a strong foundation of trust, mutual respect, loyalty, and unconditional love can only elevate us to better, stronger places.

    Most of all, I love the emphasis on personality over physique. Plastic surgery can buy a body but it cannot buy a beautiful heart. A heart of love and encouragement is a treasure unlike any other. Some may think superficiality is where value is, but I couldn’t disagree more. Value is found in the heart who longs to see our world changed for the better. Beauty is in the heart of the one who longs to build up and not tear down. True beauty can only be found in those who understand what beauty is all about. It can never be found in more stuff, exterior appearance, our superficial changes. A heart of gold lasts forever.

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful, inspirational piece. ❤

    Sincerely, Holly 🌺

    • Rising Star says:

      Ahhh, that’s so nice of you Holly💝🤗We are truly honored by your warm words and honest feedback💖. It really means a lot to us💐. Your words are so much inspiring that push us to write more and more😍.
      Your heart is so beautiful, full of love and pure emotions. I am fully agree with your sayings and thoughtful emotions🥂💖. Would love to visit your blog soon.

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