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66 Responses

  1. Meerykhati says:

    Wow!! Lucky you !! I’m a huge commitment phobic..I want to get into a relationship but as I have this phobia I run away from getting into relationship. Do you have any advice or suggestion?

    • Meerykhati says:

      I just read the post Hey! I’m in Love…Yes I too in love with WordPress family. It’s a great platform where I can share my feeling creatively.

    • Rising Star says:

      Yeah, I think I have a long experience of relationship and I can guide you at each step where you need help.

    • Rising Star says:

      Everything new we want to start, at the beginning it seems difficult and imaginary. But when we are talking about new things relationships it seems more difficult to everything else. I would like to say that new relationship is like a mirror. We want to look at the bright one to see our face but we never think about the other side. Same as the relationship, as in your case, if you the lucky one personally, then you will have a bit of idea of how your life could be. But in our society when we talk about the complete Family, to where you are going depend upon their traditions.

    • Rising Star says:

      In my opinion only Allah, but here you can use your beliefs e.g. Lord, Jesus and anyone else who you believe.

      • Halbarbera says:

        Even Allah exalted Jesus (Isa) and the Virgin Mary (Mariam) in the Quran!

        Isa is mentioned more than Mohammad and The Virgin Mary more times than both and even Mary in the Bible.

        She is the only woman mentioned in the Quran!

        Yes! Believe in anyone else you believe! In my well-researched opinion!

      • Rising Star says:

        I believe in Allah Almighty and his four prophets. And yes you are right that Quran has described a brief history of Isa A. S. his Virgin mother Maryam A. S. and the Holy Bible and I have strong beliefs on all these.

  2. My most worthy relationship is with the Lord and second is with my husband.

    • Rising Star says:

      Wow, that’s really awesome mam, in my opinion husband should be the second priority after Lord. He is everything for a woman.

      • Indeed. 37 “Anyone who loves their father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves their son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. 38 Whoever does not take up their cross and follow me is not worthy of me. 39 Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it.”
        — Matthew 10:37-39 (NIV)

      • Rising Star says:

        Indeed very Thoughtful mam

  3. I feel it’s with my best friend. We are friends since 20 years now and we are each other’s secret keeper always !!!

  4. Rising Star says:

    Absolutely right and I am fully agree with your thoughts. It’s really as you said. Majority of our relations move around a greedy thinking.

  5. Rising Star says:

    Oh Yeah, your statement were consists on facts. And you are very welcome Tanya

  6. Rising Star says:

    Means how are you Tanya ?

  7. Rising Star says:

    I am doing well too Tanya. Just routine work and site maintenance.

  8. Rising Star says:

    Thank you most kindly Tanya

  9. Rising Star says:

    Thanks a lot for your time and kind consideration

  10. Rising Star says:

    Wow, that’s really awesome, so true and pure relattion it is. Keep loving them.

  11. aruna3 says:

    Wow.most lovely post.if you ask then i say – I love my friends more than others💕

  12. Nice; read mine; same theme

  13. Rising Star says:

    Wow, your blog is awesome and so well managed Jessica. I will try to visit your blog regularly.

  14. I feel like patience is key in a long lasting relqtionship. Ive been married for 6 years and i have a 5 year old son. It is important to be patient and endure the eachothers moods.

  15. tomiwafaleye says:

    Beautiful writing.

  16. Wonderful post. I have read or heard somewhere, there is one law,i.e. “The law of energy exchange”.Whenever two or more objects or people come together there is always an exchange of energy, ideas and thoughts because as we know that ” Universe follows the dynamic law of giving and take, Even newtons second law of motion is talking about the same thing. Even it is also applicable is real and practical life, “What you saw that you will reap”.So we must focus on healthy and long term relationship without anything expecting back. Thanks 👍

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