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Love your Girls | Women’s Rights are Human Rights

Indeed, Women’s Rights are Human Rights. In most countries, when a girl or lady wants to start something new in her life before marriage or after marriage, she faces a lot of discouragement from her family and fellow friends. She goes through a lot of discouragement before going to start something different and unexpected. Nobody looks ready to respect her emotions and accept her decision.

Moreover, nobody cares for her utmost wish in life. Even her parents don’t want her to love her Passion. She goes through a very big exam before starting her journey. Win or loss comes after that first exam of agreeing with their family. Female education is considered a second priority. Although female education is as important as male education. Girls and women are made for love, So love them unconditionally.

Women’s Rights are Human Rights:

Her family makes a list to disappoint her, like:

  • You won’t be able to complete it.
  • You can’t do it because you are a doctor or you can’t become an engineer.
  • Continuing education after marriage is impossible, you have to give time to your new family.
  • You won’t be able to study properly as you are working full time.
  • You are a girl and girls are not suitable for these posts.

And the list goes on…

Women's Rights
Women’s Rights are Human Rights

Education is so much important for girls as well. As long as I observed girls are more intelligent than boys. They are more curious about their studies and their future. Girls are more hard-working as well. They can achieve any milestone with their devotion and hard work. But when she put a step in her journey, nothing can stop her from her achievement. This achievement shows determination, hard work, and vision. She can achieve whatever she wants.

I wish that each of the individuals must be given full rights. Especially when there comes a matter of education. Female education must be prioritized over male education. Everyone should be free to achieve want they wish. Encourage your people to just take a decision. Love your Girls and be proud of your girls. Educate them about what she wants to learn. Try to clear each and every obstacle in their way of desires. Everybody can do everything because Nothing is impossible in this world. Encourage them and inspire them that your desires and milestones are just a decision away.

Are there any such situations in your area?

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