Love Life Happiness!

Believe me! Life is too short to live. If we spent it in the thinking, to do awful and atrocious to someone or try to put his soul in a troublesome situation. If we Shake our false ego with the shade of a bad creations.

Believe me! We will never be happy throughout our life. In some case if it gives you false satisfaction, but one day you will feel sorrow by that action. But at that time, you will be too late and your life will never ever give you a chance to readjust everything.

So just love your surroundings and spread happiness. It will cost you nothing, but in return it will brighten your emotions and fulfill your personality with positive emotions. The goodness you give to someone will be back to you one day with a double price. God will never waste your good deeds though it will be rewarded to you back.

love life happiness
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Be calm, Stay happy and spread happiness among your surroundings. Believe me! You will always be happy and your soul will always pray for you throughout your life. Because Love and Happiness you gave to someone else, is really priceless.

Percipience is the main purpose of this blog post. Percipience means to care for others. If we are caring for the needs and wishes of others, means we are the most amazing creature on this wonderful land. Percipience synonym are perception, sensitivity, discernment and shrewdness. While the percipience antonym could be indifference, unresponsiveness and unconcern.

How to care for others?

Care what others think. If you are not caring for others. You will be rewarded as you treat others. So, always try to be percipient. Take great care of people concerned with you as much as you can do.

Therefore, not everyone can share Love and Happiness among others. It is the quality of great people. So try to adopt this quality of great people and put your good name in the list of those great people. The day is not to far that you will be a leader of World.

We can make the world more beautiful and more peaceful by spreading Love, smiles and Happiness. I wish and pray that “May God give me the power of spreading Love and Happiness in my surroundings and also the same best wishes are for you as well”.

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  1. Betul Erbasi says:

    Uplifting post with good points! Thanks for sharing!

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  3. So true and such a valuable post

  4. Nabeela says:

    Your posts are very inspiring for me

  5. Thank you so much for this post

  6. Lydia Potter says:

    Wonderful! I loved this post! <3

  7. A very uplifting post ❤️

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    Just lovely post.😊

  9. Harryson says:

    Awesome work . Thank you.

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  11. Unique Tales says:

    I have better things, I want achieve. Because life is too short.

  12. aruna3 says: for love and happiness.remove all negativity.

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