What is success?

Success has its own style and meaning to everyone. The meaning of success for me is different from the meaning of success to you. So I want to confirm success with your point of view. Remember! everything is possible and nothing is impossible. You will get what you wish and desire. A strong desire and hard work can give you real time success.

The true success

Success means progress and prosperity in every field of life. Getting more and more money is not only the true success. You must fulfill all the desires of a true life in order to get succeeded in your life.

Success ideal Inspiration motivation

I just wanted to confirm that “What is success in your Opinion”?

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49 Responses

  1. fauxcroft says:

    Living happily no matter what and loving unconditionally whether rich or poor, an achiever or under achiever and being at peace wit who and what you are.

  2. Krista says:

    Happiness is success πŸ’•

  3. Hilary Tan says:

    What is your meaning of success? I’m curious to know!

    Success to me is accomplishing goals, whether small or mammoth-sized. Whether success ifs at the bottom of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, or the highest tier where someone is working towards self-actualization, it is all relative to the person. I am sitting in the third/fourth tier most days.

    We are already more successful than the majority of people on this planet. If you have a roof over your head, you are successful at finding shelter. If you have food on your plate, you are successful at having these resources available to you. If you are in a loving relationship, then you’re successful at finding love. If you’re crushing huge goals financially well past survival needs, then you’re in a very small % of people who are successful at staying focused and in control of your destiny. Like I said, success is all relative to the person. Have a good day, and stay blessed! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

    • Rising Star says:

      Nicely described, I agree with all your ways of explanation. In short we can say that success is the key to happiness. If we are having inner satisfaction at what and how we are, we are the most successful people on the planet.

  4. Kim Petitt says:

    One of the biggest lies that society tell us is, “work hard and you can be anything you want to be.” It’s often sold as the “American Dream” that anyone can be what they want to be i.e. I can grow up to be President. Another lie is, “you can be the best in the world.”

    These are lies that are accepted by Christians and non-Christians. These lies damage our worldview and become distorted through the biblical views of “success.” These lies define us in the 21st century, and we’ve made it an idol. Personal success and achievements has us believing we don’t need God, that our security rest in our careers, money and status. To be at the top means you have to step over people and be someone that no one likes.

    Scripture gives us an answer to the misguided idea of success. It’ stated by Jesus, Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25:14-30). As Christians we have a mission that God expects us to accomplish. We are to do the work of ministry, use our talents and gifts to glorify God, and to further His Kingdom. God calls us to live a life of significance not success. I want a life of significance. I want to make a difference in this word, so when I leave this place I made an impact.

    • Rising Star says:

      Absolutely Kim, life of significance is more than success. We are here to help others and live a life to glorify God. We are here to raise humanity so that we will remembered in a great way after death. If we have inner satisfaction on what we have done si far, we are the most successful person in the world.

    • LucyLu says:

      I hear what you are saying but that is only relative if you actually believe in organized religion. Also I do not believe in a book that I have no real proof who wrote it, so I have a difficult time with your reply. I am a non believer today, and I am not caught up in greed. I have always volunteered, given my time, I work as a counsellor. I believe you have to always believe in others. I believe that had to be within you, to me it has nothing to do with god. I believe that is just another way to manipulate humans , that is why we have such dictatorship leaders. We have so many avenues that people go and gather to pray and speak of god, it would be more useful if everyone was out in the community actually helping those in need. I do not see a lot of that. I am o my sharing my view point but respect your opinion. Have a great evening.

  5. Betul Erbasi says:

    I don’t have a materialistic definition of success. When I feel content and happy, I consider myself successful.

    • Rising Star says:

      Perfect Erbasi, success is what called an inner satisfaction like what and how you are. If you are are satisfied with all your achievements you are the most successful person. I think so.

  6. For me the quality of your relationships is the measure of essential success.

  7. jafar ali says:

    Success is the art of keeping balance in different aspects of life within available resources.

    • Rising Star says:

      Absolutely agree Jafar, those who maintain balance in every aspect of their lives are truly successful and they have an inner satisfaction with their accomplishments.

  8. Yernasia Quorelios says:

    β™‘ I AM Poor and Don’t Care about money; many friends I Have, that’s “success”


  9. Yes! Success for me isn’t the same as success for my friends and that’s ok

  10. chattykerry says:

    Success – the dictionary says it is completion of an aim or purpose. In a poor country this might be having enough food on the table. In my life, it is managing my illness.

  11. Marlyn says:

    sucess is making your goals come true (big or small), to overcome an obstacle, fears, to be able to be yourself not what others expect you to be and so much more.. πŸ‘Œ

  12. Marlyn says:

    of success you mean?

    • Rising Star says:

      Success to me is, happiness and satisfaction at what we are is the real success. Many people are not satisfied with a lot of maney but many people are satisfied having no money in their hand but having just love in their hearts for themselves and for others.

  13. Success to me is finding happiness with yourself and living it without no fear of judgement.

  14. aruna3 says:

    Being successful is a feeling about which one can feel his/her inside of heart.nobody has right to explain about other’s success,dear Rising Star!!

  15. Have you read the book ‘Awaken the Giant Within’ by Anthony Robbins? I find the definition of success given by him in the starting the best I ever found. I would highly suggest reading it.

  16. Tanya Sheik says:

    Participation + hard work = Success.

  17. Tanya Sheik says:

    Means a lott. Great compliment ever.

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