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How to write a Blog Post Quickly and Professionally

At the start-up of my blog journey, it was indeed a challenge for me to write a blog post professionally and faster. As a blogger, you may find it challenging to write a blog post at some time where you simply aren’t inspired. Writing isn’t a problem for a writer from the very first day. The main thing to write a blog post is to get the idea from somewhere, what to write about. Though your blog post will be related to your niche and it must, so it isn’t any problem for you to select the topic for your new blog post.

How to write a blog post professionally

In this blog post, I’m sharing 10 surprising secrets to writing a blog post faster than ever before. I am pretty sure that anyone can write a blog post quickly and professionally by following these steps.

1. Set a Deadline:

Assign a deadline for the blog post and stay stick to it. Work expands to fill the time allocated to it. Think of every blog post as a story. Imagine that a newspaper required a story for their front page and you received an order to write that story within one hour. Start writing your blog post in a way, that you must have to complete in the allocated time.

2. Create a Calendar:

Create a calendar for your writing series. Schedule when content is to be written and when to get it ready to publish, or delivered if you’re writing it for your client. This will ensure that you have time allocated and will get you into the routine. Here are 50 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas for you.

3. Topic List for your Blog post:

Create a topic list for your blog. Although it is a difficult task to do because you are starting it with blank paper and just having a pencil in your hand, it’s very handy to write a blog post faster. Here are the 6 most popular Blog topics in 2020.

4. Cut off yourself from the surrounding:

Remove all the distractions from your way to write. Distance yourself from everything for a while. Close the door; switch off your cell phone, mute your e-mails. Tell your colleagues that you are busy for the next 30 minutes or 45 minutes if you are writing a longer blog post.

For me, the night after “22:00” is the best time to write and my creativity level increases 10 times. So I always prefer this late-night time for writing. Taking a bath is a healthy option to boost up your creativity. Also, I love to take a cup of Tea OR Coffee before starting an article.

5. Key Points for a Blog post:

Write down the key points before starting your article. It will help write a blog post professionally. Add headings and divide them into small paragraphs. Clear headings and small paragraphs will make your article eye-catching and easy to read. Research has shown that no one reads an article word by word. But readers only take interest in just looking into the main points if highlighted.  

What’s the key thing you want to tell your readers?

6. Start at the end:

Start by writing down the walk-away point. Explain the main points at the startup of the post and clear your post vision in front of readers. Try to start the beginning of your blog post with a question and end your post by leaving a question for your readers. You can also insert a question in the middle of the post if required.

Starting your post with a question will generate readers’ interest and placing a relevant question at the end of the post will force them to place a comment, and that is a wonderful way to get inspiration for the next blog post.

7. Editing the Blog Post:

Keep your focus only on writing and don’t look at the facts in a middle way. Let the story flow and just write. Do not edit anything (typos or errors) and don’t look upon the errors if available. If you start editing in the middle of your writing, there’s a possibility to lose flow and concentration.

8. Keep the Flow:

Never let the flow be disturbed. Keep your concentration on the writing. This can only be possible if you could keep yourself isolated during the writing from the rest of the world. Listening to music during writing is also effective. It always helps me to write creatively and efficiently.

9. Find Errors in the Blog post:

Once writing a blog post is completed then recheck it for errors. Read it throughout loud to edit and imagine you are telling a story. It is an easy and faster way to find errors. Sort out all the mistakes and correct them one by one.

You can also use tools to correct mistakes and to have good SEO for your blog posts. Here are the 15 Best SEO Tools every Blogger must know.

10. Publish the blog post:

Once the writing has been completed, upload it to your blog and save it as a draft. Choose the best suitable image for your blog post. Infographics are always considered to have the best visual effects, so prefer to add at least one Infographics to your post and as it leads to a wonderful user experience.

Do you know, The best way to get Success in Blogging?

What is your best way to write a blog post?

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