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How to Reduce Stress with Mindfulness Meditation

Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed?

Mindfulness Meditation is one of the highly recommeded ways to reduce stress, tension and anxiety. Stress and anxiety have become the most disturbing factor in our lives. Surely we need to relax and rest our minds with mindfulness Meditation that help us reduce stress. To be able to get positive energy and perform better, it is essential to disconnect yourself from the worries and stressed environment. Sometimes, due to the frenetic pace of life that we lead, it is difficult to find the ideal moment to relax and unwind. Other times, our own lifestyles prevent us from relaxing with what does relax others, for example, with meditation, and we need a more active way to calm down.

Keeping in view of the above discussion, we are going to explore 5 tricks that will not only help you overcome stress but will also give you the power to enjoy your day-to-day life more and better.

1. Order “Furnish” Your Head:

A clean, minimalist environment is proven to increase productivity and decrease stress and anxiety. Oriental ideologies such as feng shui (also known as Chinese geomancy) have more and more followers every day. Feng shui is a pseudoscientific chinese traditional practice, which claims to use energy forces to harmonize individuals with their environment. Anyhow, this art highlights the importance of the flow of energies and helps you organize your home in order to make the most of the good vibes.

How to reduce Stress
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The fact is that, when you order your environment, it seems that you also order your ideas. And if your mind is boiling, tidying up your house, your desk or your underwear drawer can be a good start to start putting everything in place inside your head.

2. Write a Journal (Magazine):

According to a study published by the University of Rochester (USA), journaling is a good remedy to overcome stress. Writing down your worries, emotions, and feelings will help you see your life from a different perspective and will help you control your level of stress and anxiety. Of course, remember that the newspaper is a very personal object, that only you will read, so try to be honest with yourself and be sincere. It is the only way for the newspaper to provide you with solutions.

3. Breathe for a Minute:

The study has shown that breathing can help you reduce stress and anxiety. Although it seems a very obvious gesture and something said ad nauseam, stopping for a minute and taking a deep breath can make you see everything differently. Breathing in and out deeply will help you shift focus to relieve your stress. You can do it, for example, when you get home, as a way to break with the outside to start enjoying the inside.

We suggest that you do it, for example, when taking off your shoes. Get home, take off your shoes, massage your feet, and take a minute to breathe. It’s like saying: “Okay, I’ve gotten home, now it’s time to relax” (regardless of the thousand things that surely you have to do at home).

4. Think of a Forest:

Imagination or the memory of experiences in which there is contact with nature are relaxation techniques used by psychologists to reduce stress. To become aware of your body and relax, close your eyes and imagine yourself lying on the cool grass of a cozy forest, with the sun touching your skin and the sound of the river as a melody. Take several deep breaths to relax the muscles in your body.

5. Have a Day Off:

Psychological study has shown that vacations have real anti-stress benefits as they help you disconnect from everyday worries and focus on yourself. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to catch them. Instead, a day off, yes!!!

Take the opportunity to carry out an activity that makes you happy and allows you to disconnect and rest to be able to return to the routine with new positive energy.

Does nothing come to mind?

Get inspired by these little gestures that will help you disconnect.

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