How to Make Staying Home more Productive

How to take advantage of the time at home to connect with yourself, your family and the things that you are passionate about and make you live in a healthy and sustainable way?

As here, we are still going through a lockdown. Staying home, to the best of our ability, is the most sensible and responsible decision we can make in the face of the coronavirus pandemic or if you are on vacation for a longer time. Unfortunately, these days we are not on vacation but circumstances have given us something that we always complain about doing without time: Time to be at home, time to be with family, time to cook, time to read, time to play, time to exercise, time for whatever you want.

Now that we have to spend as much time as possible at home, it is time to disconnect from the informational psychosis and take advantage of our time regardless of our circumstances. You may have to spend these days alone or you may be lucky enough to do it with your family. You will also likely have to telecommute caring for children or the elderly.

How to Make Staying Home more Productive
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We still have to stay at home yes or yes and for this reason, we propose a series of proposals to take advantage of the time and connect with everything that allows you to face the situation that we have to live with serenity, optimism, and courage.

Monday: Starting the Week with Positive Energy:

Practice meditation or mindfulness at the start of the week. Meditation and mindfulness will help you connect with the essentials and start the week with a more peaceful and positive attitude. This is a practice that you can do daily to start the day with much more focus and energy.

Get some exercise:

Today we have Internet and training at home is very easy thanks to the Internet. There are many simple routines that you can practice alone or with your family at home to keep your body in tip-top shape. Reserve at least 15 minutes a day to practice the exercise that you like the most, but remember to move!

Tuesday: A Day for Culture that we can repeat Throughout the Week:

Listen to Music:

Listen to music that makes you happy. Since we live in the digital age and Spotify many times we forget what it was to listen to a record (vinyl, CD, cassette). An hour in which we consciously enjoyed those melodies that made us smile (or a tear), improve our mood, appreciate the harmony of the notes and the voices sounding together, and was one of the best things to spend time with. Let’s take advantage of the digital age and get back to enjoying our favorite artists.

Assign weekly homework:

Start the week by meeting with the people who live with you and establishing a series of tasks assigned to each person. For example, children may be responsible for keeping the room clean, making their beds, and clearing the table after meals. Adults can share bathroom and kitchen cleaning, laundry, and general house cleaning. And also, you can take advantage of the cleaning and ordering closets and/or rooms in the house that you generally have more forgotten.

Read a book:

Despite living in Netflix times, reading is a pleasure that we can bring back these days. Pick a book that inspires, entertains, and motivates you. Also, if you live with children, it will be a great example for them to see you reading and they will surely imitate your initiative by reading their own books.

Enjoy a good movie:

After these activities, the end of the day is a good time to relax and choose a good movie to watch alone or in the company. Make a list of the movies you want to see: educational movies, cult movies, inspirational movies, comedies that help you disconnect, and when you finish, exchange opinions and your points of view.

Wednesday: Order in the Equator of the Week

Sort the clothes:

With spring just around the corner, this is a great time to stop in front of our cabinets and drawers and tidy up once and for all. Apply the advice of Marie Kondo, empty your cabinets and drawers and deposit all your clothes on the bed or another surface where it is comfortable for you and decide item by item with what things you keep and what things you are going to donate, give away or sell.

Keep those clothes that you use frequently, that is in good condition, that is your current size and that make you happy and give you nice feelings. Get rid of unwanted clothes that you have not used for more than a year, that do not fit your current size, or are in poor condition. If you live as a family, you can repeat this operation as a team member by a family member. You will be surprised how orderly everything is, the space you will win and the number of clothes you will say goodbye to.

Sort your photos:

And we do not mean to take out the albums of yesteryear, which can also be, but to organize all the photos you have on your mobile, laptop, or Digital Camera and store them in a safe place in an orderly manner. First, look for a hard drive or if you prefer it is in the cloud with enough storage and create folders according to what is most suitable and comfortable for you: by years, by months, by events, or by people. Review all the photos on your phone and delete all the ones that are repeated, screenshots, those that are out of focus or are not worth saving. Finally, organize photos by folders to easily find them when you need them and free up space on your mobile phone, laptop, or Digital Camera.

Sort Papers and Bills:

If in your house there are mountains of papers, letters, receipts, circulars, invoices, instructions for electrical appliances, contracts, etc. scattered everywhere, it’s time to put an order! First of all, gather all the papers you find around your house in one place and review them one by one, discarding the ones you don’t need. Organize the ones you need to keep by categories, if it is possible to digitize them, don’t hesitate. Put in an organized way, either by category or by year, the papers that you have previously classified, and from now on, try to keep order!

Thursday: Training and Online Training from Home:

Start an online course on something you need to learn or are passionate about. Another of the great advantages of the digital age is the wide variety of online courses (both free and paid) that we can access from any corner of the world. Many times we start them and never manage to finish them “due to lack of time.” This is definitely a good time to dedicate at least an hour a day to doing that course that you need or want so much.

You can also try to learn a new language or reinforce the one you already know. Take advantage of digital tools to learn or reinforce that language that you need or like so much. You can study grammar but you can also take the opportunity to watch series or movies in that language, read a book or download an APP from the play store to practice conversation.

Get hooked on a podcast that provides you with valuable content. Podcasts have come into our lives to revolutionize them. Thanks to these worthy programs we can train, inspire, empower ourselves, inform ourselves, and entertain ourselves. Find the podcast that most closely matches your interests, gets yourself some good headphones, and enjoy listening and learning at the same time.

Friday: Boost Your Creativity

Spend some time on writing:

Write a journal, a magazine, or perhaps begin to write the first pages of what could be a book. Writing boosts up memory, increase creativity and if that were not enough, writing may liberate and relaxes you. This is a perfect time to develop the habit of writing and spread it to everyone who lives with you.

Start a handmade project:

Whether you like or are not too excited about crafts. Today might be a great day to start that project that you have in mind for a long time but for which you could not find the most suitable moment. Thanks to the thousands of tutorials that can be found on the Internet, you can create practically anything at home from scratch (beginning) and with your own hands. If you want, you can involve people who live with you and make it even more stimulating.

Share quality and conscious time with your family. Now that we have the opportunity to dedicate quality time to ours, turn off the TV, and connect with the people we live with in a conscious way. Look straight in their eyes while you tell each other stories, dreams, plans, or simply while you share a game of cards or a board game.

Saturday: Relax and Quality Time:

Practice yoga:

This ancient practice not only helps your body to stay fit and more flexible, but also gives you peace, harmony, and stability. Practicing yoga at home is easy and simple and it is an activity that you can do alone or with the rest of the people who live at home with you. Try to set aside a few minutes a day for this practice and you will soon notice the benefits.

Enjoy aromatherapy:

If you have not yet started in the world of essential oils, this is an excellent time. Its positive effects on our mood are so many that it is worth discovering them one by one. In addition, they help to create a purer and more relaxed atmosphere at home. But even if you need to work from home, you can take advantage of interactions that help you focus better and create a favorable environment to set up your home office.

Make a date with your partner or set aside time to take care of yourself. Although these days you spend a lot of time at home, you may end up watching so many things that you forget to take care of yourself or your partner. Remember to define a time for yourself and/or to spend quality time also as a couple. It is a unique opportunity to connect with yourself and with the people you love.

Sunday: Conscious and Healthy Eating:

Take care of your plants or start your own urban garden. It is scientifically proven that plants improve the quality of the air in our homes and our mood. These days take the opportunity to take care of your plants with more care than ever and if you can also start your own urban garden, it is sure to be an ideal distraction whether you are alone or if you live with your family.

Make Stay at Home more Productive
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Organize the weekly menu:

Now that you are going to be at home, it’s a wonderful opportunity to take care of your diet conscientiously. Eat dishes prepared at home, with real, unprocessed food, and organize your menu to be able to make healthier and more balanced meals.

Practice Batch cooking:

Sunday is the quintessential day to prepare meals for the whole week. If you were not yet practicing batch cooking, this may be a good opportunity to get into the habit and learn how to prepare everything you need for the week in just one day. In this way, it will be easier to be able to foresee what food you need in your pantry and in your fridge and to eat in a more balanced and healthy way.

So, these are some highly appreciated tips that one can do while staying at home during this COVID-19 pandemic and stressful days. Nevertheless, in some countries, maybe COVID is going through its last stage, or also you can say the third phase but here in my country, we are still going through a smart lockdown.

So, how do you manage your week during this pandemic?

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