How to Improve Your Memory

Are you struggling with low memory and want to improve it?

Memory is an all-time requirement of every person, especially students. We all need it to live a smoother life. Sometimes we forget things so quickly, which badly impacts our power of memorization as well as our personality. Sometimes we fail to answer things due to having low memory.

Some of my friends requested to write a blog post on the topic, “How to improve memory”, So here it is. If you have low memory don’t worry, memory can easily be improved. There are certain things which if done wisely could be helpful to improve your memory.

How to Improve Memory
How to improve your memory

How to improve your memory?

Here are the 5 tips to improve your memory:

1. Sleep improves memory:

Sleep has a direct connection with your mind and memory. Getting enough sleep is necessary for your memory. It is important to get 6 – 8 hours of sleep per night. Especially getting the REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement) which comes later on during your all-night sleep. That is why you should get sleep for at least 6 hours at night. It has been proven by research that the things you experience and learn all day long are stored and memorized during REM sleep. So make the habit of “going to bed early and waking up early in the morning”.

2. Eat Well:

Eating well will keep you energetic, more aware, and more focused. Eating better is much more necessary to live a better life. Focus on eating good nutritious food items. It will keep you fresh and awake. Good nutritional food will keep you feeling better and therefore even your memory will be improved.

3. Relaxation improves memory:

Learn how to keep yourself relaxed. Involve yourself in activities that give you relationships. Being able to relax is a very good skill you have. When you are under stress and you can’t relax and take a break you will have trouble focusing yourself. When you have a problem focusing your memory will be reckless and foggy.

Here are 6 self-esteem activities for teens.

Second try to limit yourself to using digital media like Digital Games and social media. Using digital media for longer hours can badly impact your memory due to using only a few parts of your body and mind. One of the best ways of relaxation is to involve yourself in physical activities like games, cycling, and jogging.

4. Retrieval Practice:

Information can be stored for a longer period by practicing it again and again. Practice often, in small parts, and test yourself. By spacing out your practice the information will really “get under your skin” and there is a stronger chance you will remember it for much longer. As often you will try to repeat information in your mind, you will meet with new ideas and new memory management skills.

5. Mind Maps help to improve your memory:

Creating a mind map while studying is a very good way to remember things longer. It helps you to make connections and see things in a bigger picture. Try to remember the things in imagery shapes as it is always easy to remember the things in pictorial forms. It is an easy way to store information by visualizing it in pictorial form for a longer period.

Try to spend double time revising the information that you have studied. Spend some time writing things down, it will make a map in your mind and will remain for a longer time in your memory. Also, information and knowledge can be increased by sharing. Don’t hesitate to share what you learn daily with your friends and colleagues. You might also like 9 Steps to be the best version of yourself.

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