How to get Never-Ending Motivation?

Do you want to get never-ending and unlimited motivation?

Inspiration and Motivation are the keys to success. Everyone required self-belief and inspiration to start his journey towards success. Whenever you start a new business or journey towards your goal, you face certain hurdles and difficulties in your way to get success. There comes a time when you want to stop your journey and want to quit your passion. You feel I can’t move forward or have no courage to move on. Now here you are required a certain amount of motivation and inspiration. I always repeat that success doesn’t come overnight. Behind each success, there are a lot of efforts, hard work, and motivation.

There are certain ways to get inspiration from. It depends on you and your nature, that from where you can get more and more inspiration. It’s so easy, but a little bit of a time-consuming process.

How to get Never-Ending Motivation
Get Never-Ending Motivation

Tips to get Never-Ending Motivation:

We are going to share my ways of motivation with you. When I thought to start blogging, I shared my opinion and idea with my friends. I got an extreme amount of negative responses from all around. No single person was agreed with my point of view. Everyone tried his best to demotivate me. Some of the responses were;

  • You don’t have anything good and attractive to write about.
  • You are not so good to write a blog in English.
  • English is not your native language; it will be so much difficult for you to write.
  • You have no good memory, no good keywords selection.

These were some of the common responses from my colleagues. But blogging was my passion and I decided to start blogging at any cost, on my inspiration and interest. There are still a lot of my friends, who still don’t believe in me and my writing. This is what you can say that nobody knows you perfectly. Nobody knows the strength of your inner potential and hidden skills. Here you have to decide what is good and what is bad for you. Nobody can imagine the strength of your potential. You have to show your skills and potential through your actions. You are here to change the impossible into the possible.

Here, I will share simple but practically implied ways to get unlimited and never-ending motivation. I have got a lot of motivation just only from blogging. I was nothing before the start of my blogging journey. Although I’m having a lot of degrees, still there wasn’t any special way of motivation that can boost my confidence up to a required standard.


As all of you are already engaged in your blogging. You can get a lot of motivation just from your writing and from your fellow readers’ responses. It’s a never-ending process of motivation. When you write and publish a post, you get likes and comments. Most of these comments could be inspirational and some of them could be knowledgeable and advising. From these responses, you can get motivation as well as correction to enhance your writing skills. You might have got a lot of friends from this wonderful WordPress blogging platform.

motivation inspiration
ideal inspiration
unlimited motivation

Motivation from Social Media:

There are so many other ways to get motivated. The social media platforms are a great source to get motivation if it is used in a positive way. These are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, and so many more. Whenever you join any of these platforms and start showing your skills in the form of your posts. You get comments and reviews there. These comments are also a great source of motivation.

YouTube Motivational Video:

When you watch a short motivational video from YouTube, you get motivation for a limited amount of time, maybe for 10, 20, or 30 days. But gradually its strength decreases. Then you need to watch another motivational video and so on. But when you start showing your skills on social platforms or blogging, you can get motivation daily and every time from all over the world, from your followers and their comments. You can get unbelievable responses and unlimited motivation in this way. This process becomes a never-ending process and admires you to write more and more and to improve your skills day by day. Besides motivation, it is a great source of knowledge and exploration.

I got a lot of motivation from seniors and my fellow bloggers. I was having nothing to write, but when I start adding values to people’s lives, in response it added values to my life. My first step was the most difficult step to be taken. But as I write most of my post about inspiration, at the end of the day, it automatically implied to my own life and then I transfer it to my lovely fellow readers. In the end, I would love to thanks all my seniors and my lovely fellow bloggers for adding value to my life.

What is the best source for you to stay motivated?

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  1. Good advice. I love blogging. It’s such a have to a good have to.

  2. Good cues on this dear. True, people would always have their views or perspectives. Ours is to choose to act even when it means we being the one believing we can do it and no one else does.

    Glad to be here too. Co-blogger. 🤗

    My source of motivation so far has been God’s words. Because sometimes I don’t believe I can do some things. But believing His words has aided me.

  3. Laleh Chini says:

    Very useful dear.🌷

  4. SHRUTI DUBEY says:

    That’s so true. I have just recently started blogging and the support i got from people is beyond imagination.🤗

  5. Kerry Reimer says:

    As a new blogger in an older body, I appreciate your energy and enthusiasm to overcome and persevere, to grab success by the tail and not let go. Lol!

    Bless you!

  6. Rising Star says:

    Thank you so much Tanya, your presence and response is very much honorable and inspiring to me. I can’t express it in words. You have made my day.

  7. Rising Star says:

    Yup, it was really fantastic Tanya

  8. aruna3 says:

    Most inspirational article.

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