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How to Control your Emotions

Taking control of emotions is indeed a tough job, but it is totally doable. Everyone can control their emotions. Believe in yourself. You can do anything. You can control your emotions anytime. Anything is possible means nothing is impossible. People just require a little inspiration and motivation.

Why can’t I control my emotions in stress and anger?

What are emotions?

Emotions are feelings that are the side-effect of our thoughts, opinions, and actions. We express our emotions through our thoughts, wishes, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes. In other words, emotions demonstrate our analysis of life.

We are human beings and so we have emotions. We, too, experience a range of emotions. God has created us with powerful emotional intelligence energy. We see in Scripture that God experiences emotions such as grief, anger, and wrath. If we were created without emotions, we’d be like a bunch of robots walking around. Without emotions, humans are just like a body without a soul.

Emotions affect our mind and body. Here are the Effects of Stress, anxiety, and depression.

Emotions are very powerful and real and can be quite intense. Even our mental and physical well-being can also be affected due to the power of emotions. Worry can lead to ulcers. Stress and anxiety lead to high blood pressure. Sleeplessness, headaches and weight fluctuations can all be the side-effect of our emotions.

Purpose of emotions:

God has created nothing useless and that includes emotions. Everyone would love to get rid of sadness, anger, and frustration and keep joy, love, and hope! However, it’s the negative emotions that bring out the pleasure of positive emotions. Also, God uses our emotions to reveal our feelings.

There are too many ways to express emotions. Whether we’re singing out praise or besieged by sorrow we are expressing our Emotions in both cases. We can choose how to respond in any case of the emotions we are experiencing.

But the moments when we think, that we can’t control our emotions, we become a victim of it. In other words, our circumstances or the people around us make us behave in an assured way. It’s true, we have no control over people and most of the time no control over circumstances, but we always have control over our response.

As God has placed emotions in us, he also has given us the courage to control them. God uses emotions to draw us closer to Him. Whether we are joyful and singing praises or overcome with sorrow, God uses our emotions to bring Him glory.  

Build trust in self-belief and self-esteem. Feelings should be the guidance of your response. Respond gently, and with confidence. Always follow your heart. Emotions come from our feelings, attitudes, opinions, and beliefs, but we can respond to them through our minds.

How to Control Emotions

Every one of us has a built-in feature of self-control. Here are some practices that can help to control your emotions.

1. Stop your Immediate Reaction:

Keep your emotions in control. At that time it’s a bit difficult to control yourself. So there is a stronger possibility that something unusual can be conducted. So try to stop your immediate reaction. Think for a while and try to disrupt your immediate action. Leaving that place can help you in this regard.

2. Take a Deep Breath:

When you’re angry or anxious, your emotions at that time fly high. You can make a practice taking quick and shallow breaths. At that time try to take a deep breath. Here taking long, deep calming breaths interrupts that loop and helps you calm down.

There are so many deep breath methods that help you calm down. One is three-part breathtaking. The three-part breathing method requires you to take “one deep breath in” and then “exhale fully” while paying attention to your body. Practice these methods while calm so you can learn how to do them when you’re angry.

3. Identify the Situation:

Identify the situation and take decisions with a cold hearth. Try to laugh and it will be better if you could join a gathering of positive people. You can express your emotions with them to reduce the pressure.

4. Get Fresh Air and Exercise or Yoga:

When you are physically active or taking fresh air can help you reduce your stress and can calm down your emotions. Exercise and yoga can also protect you against heart disease by lowering your blood pressure and helping you maintain a healthy life.

5. Listen to Music:

The next time you feel your emotional level cranking up, take your headphones and tune in to your favorite music. It can help you control emotions. Listening to music can have a very soothing effect on your body and mind.

6. Change your Concentration:

Change your focus and concentration. Leave that place and situation, walk out of the room, or go outside for a break. Try to start any other activity.

7. Try to Take some Rest:

Taking rest can help you reduce your stress and can cool down the power of emotions. After taking a rest you will feel de-stress and can start your new day with a cool and fresh mind.

One thing I haven’t shared is that Never Suppress your Emotions. Suppression of can is dangerous for your mental and physical health. Always express your emotions but in a gentle way.

Hence, Control of emotions depends on our willpower. We can adjust the power of emotions as we want. Always express your emotions gently. Let your brain be the master of your emotions. Everyone goes through stress, anxiety, and depressions. Just deal it with your emotional intelligence power.

How do you Control your Emotions?

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