God always makes a way for you

Do you believe in God?

Sometimes in life, you tired of trying hard. You tired of facing challenges in life. You think that our hardships are worthless. All your prayers are unanswered. But believe me, everything is possible and God is always there for you. God always makes a way for you that are going to eventual success.

When we Face Challenges:

God gives us challenges and tough times, there is always a gift within these challenges. He believes we have the strength, wisdom, or whatever it takes to go through a challenge. Maybe, this is His way to teach us something new with His glorious way? Once we are understand and complete the challenge, we will see the gift and any other fruitful happening. It may not be a psychical gift. It could be any blessings from God’s mercy.

believe in God
Jesus Christ

You should always trust God in your good and bad times. Even in bad times, if you feel de-motivated, remember one thing that He is with you and he will do everything for betterment. The belief in God is the key to success that you sometimes forget in the hardships of life. If you had strong relationships with Him, you will find so many ways in your difficult times, because He is there to guide you in a better way. God will make different ways for you to bring you out of those hardships. A human being is the strongest creature on earth. If your hardships are unanswered, try to have firm faith in He that He is there and He will make a way for you.

God never put extra Burden:

Maybe you have very limited resources in life, very limited strength, and the knowledge to face the challenges of life, but don’t get upset and never lose hope because He is testing your strength. God never put an extra burden on a person beyond his capability. God is making you strong enough and creating a way for you that will lead you to success. Be strong and hopeful having a strong belief that He is always there for you. Once you had a strong belief, you will achieve success.

Don’t care about the problems of life these problems will make you strong enough to deal with the hardships of life. Try hard in every situation. Give your full concentration towards the way you are going on. Then leave the results on Him. God will award you with success one day because He is always there for you and making a way for you.

God always make a way for you

God helps those who help Themselves:

If you think that your prayers are unanswered. Then consider that God is at your back and will never let you fall and will support you. Once you thought that it is your hard time and it will be passed easily then, believe me, nothing can ever let you down. If you believe that God is there for you, you will never face any failure in life. But remember! “God helps those who help themselves.”

When you see there is no way in life you start to believe that He is making a way for you right now. You never understand that He is helping you in different ways that you never think of. God is the one who loves you, no matter how bad you are, and then how it’s possible that you are in tough times and He may not be there to help you. Remember God is always at your back. You should have a strong belief and trust in Him that He is the one who will guide you in a better way. And he will always choose the right way for you.

Do you Believe in the Oneness of God?

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62 Responses

  1. ashok says:

    One should never be sorry for one’s faith.
    Yes, everything is His grace: both pleasure and pain 🙏

  2. ecohorizons says:

    Through both joy and pain , we transcend , grow and gain …
    Going  up and down through   life
    Like a U-turn and U-gain
    We shall in God remain …
    Sure , The sun  would shine brightly after the rain …
    We evolve in life moving within a  train…
    God help us stay strong and sane ,
    Our spirits  transfer in a cosmic  domain ,
    In trials and errors ,
    we fall and rise  but nothing goes in  vain ,
    With God , we are eternally loved ,
    My spirit keeps sending peace and
    consciousness we shall retain ,
    Forgive our sins , O , God  , and  countless  blessings for us your mercy would contain …
    God help us choose the best path or lane …
    You may close a door for us ,
    But then relief us and guidance WE SHALL regain ,
    We shall always thrive and dive into heaven when  God would sustain …

    Thank you …God bless our world …

  3. I always have two thoughts during challenging times. I think God gives us a challenge or tough time, there is always a gift within. He believes we have the strenght, wisdom, or whatever it takes to go through a challenge. Maybe, this is His way to teach us something new!? Once we are understand and complete the challenge, we will see the ‘gift’. It may not be a phsycial gift. Another thought I have, it is God’s way to tell me, “Stop!” if God doesn’t answered our prayer?! Maybe, it is a calling to pause and re-think why no answer, why all these road-blocks show up or where is the path? Maybe, it is a hint that we are on the wrong path?! I don’t know and I am still learning!
    Have you seen ‘The Shift’ from Dr. Wayne Dyer? Whenever I feel stuck, it is my go-to movie to watch. It helps!
    This is only my opinion! Everyone’s belief/faith has no right or wrong!
    You wrote something very special and meaningful in this post! Thank you! 🙂

    • Rising Star says:

      Thanks Kitti for your time to read out my blog post and adding your worthy words. I really appreciate your beliefs and thoughts. And you are right that God has His own mercy in every thing happening to us and these all are for our betterment.

  4. Rising Star says:

    Wow, thank you so much Dear for your so much inspirational response. It means a lot to me. Your response is always honored. You know that I was just thinking about you that I should thanks to you, because you have solved one of my great problem. So thanks a lot for that dear 💞❤️🤗❤️💞

    • Rising Star says:

      Yep, from few months I am settled in main city and there are rare chances for physical activities. I was very worried about my health. But last days when you said that I have enjoyed badminton tournaments with my cousins. So I thought I why not I should start badminton with my colleagues and now from last 3 days we have started to play on regular basis. Thanks for the idea.

  5. LesleighHart says:

    That Footsteps poem really summarises it for me.

  6. Halbarbera says:

    I believe as did Albert Einstein! But with Albert, he only believed in Spinoza’s God!

    Look it up!

    • Rising Star says:

      I see, I will surely search for Spinoza’s God, as I never heard of it.

      • Halbarbera says:

        You probably don’t know that Einstein attended a Catholic School till 12 and the a high school from which he dropped out when 16!

        His quotes on Jesus will blow your mind!

      • Rising Star says:

        Wow, that I should believe of your sayings. As long as my knowledge is concern I only have scientific inventions knowledge about Einstein. I have never been through his religeous views.

      • Halbarbera says:

        As a child I received instruction both in the Bible and in the Talmud. I am a Jew, but I am enthralled by the luminous figure of the Nazarene.” Einstein was then asked if he accepted the historical existence of Jesus, to which he replied, “Unquestionably! No one can read the Gospels without feeling the actual presence of Jesus. His personality pulsates in every word. No myth is filled with such life.”

        Einstein was more than just a scientist

      • Rising Star says:

        Wow Halbarbera, You are having so much knowledgs about Einstein. That’s really great. We all should explores the lives those who we are following. Thanks a lot for sharing such good information with me.

  7. No need for apologies. This helps the unbeliever understand you as you honestly share life with each other. Love and respect is fundamental to genuine relationship. My faith drives my whole existence, it takes me beyond myself and allows me to see the face of God in others.

  8. I appreciate your thoughts. Thank you for sharing your belief in God. I’m a believer, too. I also appreciate your posts about praying for needs such as in Australia and the Philippines.

  9. Lydia Potter says:

    So true. Great post

  10. Rising Star says:

    Thanks a lot for your inspiring words.

  11. nitinsingh says:

    Lovely post thnx to share

  12. parkermccoy says:

    I know some things but there are a ton I don’t know. I hand it all to God at the end of each day. He’s wiser than any of us could ever be and in the end, whether things work out or not, he knows what he’s doing. I put my faith in him and feel much better for that rather than going through life without him as my anchor. This is a wonderful post. Thank you so much for sharing!

  13. Yes dear. Apt!.
    God is always there for us (our ever present help….Ps 46:1) and He will never allow us be tested beyond our capacity (1 Corinthians 10:13).

  14. I do understand this and believe . But lately he is really testing me and now my nephew who lost a very dear friend within seeing him 3 days before after a scuba accident riptide.. those 3 days before him and my nephew read bible scriptures and he had my nephew pick out the ones that related with him . My nephew said he was a recovering alcoholic , found god , had beautiful kids and one on the way and such a fun full alive guy . My nephew asked me over and over. Why? And why him why anyone. He was only 39. 😢

  15. aruna3 says:

    Yeah.God is our best guide.

  16. Máryurit says:

    Este post resulta muy especial para mí. Creo que de la mano de Dios todo es posible para nosotros y sus tiempos son, sin dudas, perfectos. Él nos ama por encima de todo, amémosle igual.

  17. Nice post rising star about God.

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