First Blessing of 2020

Blessing of 2020:

The Year 2020 gave me the first blessing of getting the most likes and visits on my ideal inspiration blog page in my blogging journey. On the very first day of 2020, Wednesday 1st January 2020, I got a maximum of 194 likes and 345 views.

Here are The 10 Inspirational Life Lessons from Steve Jobs:

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I have broken my first record of 168 Likes and 330 views on a single day. Now most views and likes on my blog page, in a single day are, 345 likes, most likes are 194 and visitors 195 most comments are 135, which is really a blessing to me.

Here are the Elon Musk’s 10 Rules of Success in Life.

Blessings of 2020

I wish you all a fabulous New Year 2020. Have an exceptional and splendid New Year, filled with prosperity and blessings. May 2020 be a blessed year for all of you. Amen.

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