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Complex Wetlands of the Plain of Guerbes-Sanhadja, Algeria

Complex Wetlands of the Plain of Guerbes-Sanhadja, Algeria. Wetlands of the Plain of Guerbes-Sanhadja is a large coastal plain between the Skikda Hills and the Chetabi woodland, near the Iron Cape, which includes the Oued-El-Kebir Delta. Among the dunes that characterize the landscape, a multitude of depressions and valleys form lakes and garaas (marshes) whose area covers a few hectares to several dozen hectares, on a plain described as a “bioclimatic crossroads” between Saharan, European and Mediterranean influences.

Country: Algeria

Site number: 1056

Area: 42,100 ha

Registration date: 02-02-2001

Contact: 36-52’N 07-18’E

Approximately 234 plant species representing 145 taxa, 50 species of birds and 27 species of dragonflies and damselflies were recorded. The site is important for migratory birds. It is in particular a nesting place for the bald erismature Oxyura leucocephala (White-headed duck) and the fuligule nyroca Aythya nyroca (Ferruginous duck). Among the fish is the eel (Anguilla anguilla)a snake-like fish. Agriculture and grazing are anthropogenic activities (Human impact on the environment). And among the potential threats, there is an unseating expansion of agriculture.

This was the short introduction to Complex Wetlands of the Plain of Guerbes-Sanhadja, Algeria. Here are some most beautiful and weird images of Wetlands of the Plain of Guerbes-Sanhadja. I am sure you will like these wonderful images.

1. Guerbes-Sanhadja Algeria

Complex wetlands of the plain of Guerbes-Sanhadja


beauty of Guerbes Sanhadja


Chetaïbi woodland




Iron Cape  Oued-El-Kebir Delta


lakes and garâas Guerbes-Sanhadja


Most beautiful sunset at the images


Plain of Guerbes Sanhadja


Skikda Hills

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Complex Wetlands of the Plain of Guerbes-Sanhadja

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What do you know about Complex Wetlands of the Plain of Guerbes-Sanhadja?

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