I’ve been blogging for over three months. From the very first follower to the recent, last one follower, I’m so much surprised and grateful to all your support, follow up and feedback on my humble blog. It will not be false to say that I’m an accidental Blogger. I’ve learnt a lot from my senior Bloggers. Every one showed his real interest in guiding and advising me. Blogging is almost an unknown and unbelievable for me all the time. It was a very tough struggle for me emotionally as people around me actually looked down upon me new hobby. Blogging is often looked as a joke to many people. They do not know or understand that a lot of work is poured into each blog post. No doubt blogging is a tough but very much interesting hobby. It is a strong way to express idea in your own words and in your time.

Thanks to all of my followers

It’s really been encouraging for me to see a lot of people reading, commenting and sharing my articles and supporting me and my blog. Some of you share straight from my blog using Re-Blog Button. I am extremely grateful to all of you for following me. I do try to respond to as many of you who follow and share my Blog Posts. I try to respond to every comment on my Blog.