Body Language | 29 Powerful Tips For Personality Development

Body language is an important factor in communication than we often think. According to various studies, it is so important that about 93% of what we transmit in a conversation is non-verbal communication. Body language tips and skills can be the most powerful tool if used correctly and wisely in all types of conversation, especially virtual communication. What is Body Language? Body language is actually the non-verbal communication we speak...

VSEO (Video SEO)

How to Optimize Video for Search Engines|VSEO (Video SEO)

This SEO article is about VSEO also called Video SEO. Research has shown that videos and Infographics have a great impact on the audience as compared to Text. Optimizing web pages for search isn’t the only way to get your availability noticed online. Creating search engine-friendly videos gives you an interactive advantage over the plain text results. Videos are a great alternative for consumers who are not interested in reading...