Chlef, the Chlef Province of Algeria

Short history of Chlef, Algeria:

Chlef is the capital of Chlef Province of Algeria. Chlef is located in the north of Algeria, 200 Km west of the capital, Algiers. It was founded in 1843, as Orléansville, on the ruins of Roman, Castellum Tingitanum. This information about Chelf is taken from Wikipedia.

The summer season is still getting ready. I have never imagined such beauty at Chlef, Algeria. It looks so peaceful land of the world, full of beauty of Nature. I think life there will also be full of love and smiles.

Blessed Haoua: Located 38 km from Tenues. This beautiful coastal commune is a mountainous and forested region. Among its mountains is the Jebel Bissa, which rises to an altitude of more than 1000 meters. The forest is very developed. To the north, the maritime pine and the pine of Aleppo, cover important areas.

From a certain latitude, only oak dominates (green oak, cork oak, and other species). Instead of pine, juniper, and lentisque populate the forest. The commune is bounded to the east by Oued Damous (the largest and longest after that of the Cheliff further south) and to the south, oued Lethnin.

To the west, a ridge line, going from the sea to kef Houas, a little east of Doumia, along the ridge, down to the wadi Menterache, up to Tamazguida and finally down to join the Waed Lethnin. Its strategic geographical location, a very fertile land, crossed everywhere by rivers that flow year-round, has encouraged indigenous peoples to develop arboriculture (Fig trees, olive trees, vines, apple trees, plum trees, almond trees, etc).

Here are few Stunning picutes of Chlef, Algeria.

History of Chlef


beauty of Algeria Chlef


Chlef Province of Algeria


Jebel Bissa


Jijel, Haoua, Algeria


Most beautiful sunset view


kef Houas, Doumia




Peaceful Sunset at Jijel

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What are your views about this wonderful beauty of Chlef, Algeria?