Batogh Top Lake (Chilas)

Batogh Top Lake is situated in Chilas. Where Chilas is a small town of Gilgit Baltistan, located on the river Indus. Chilas comes under the Govt of Gilgit Baltistan which is now a Province of Pakistan. Chilas is the Headquarter of District Diamir. Chilas weather is hot and dry in the summer and dry and cold in the winter season. Foreigner may need permission to … Continue reading Batogh Top Lake (Chilas)

How to Control Emotions

We are born with certain abilities to use our mindset and intelligence and to control our emotions according to the situation. This is so-called Emotional intelligence. No matter what is the situation, don’t let your emotions overpower your intelligence. At first, it’s difficult but with the passage of time and maturity, it certainly becomes possible to control your emotions. For someone may be it’s not … Continue reading How to Control Emotions

Believe me! Everything is Possible

Nothing is impossible, I mean to say that “Everything is Possible”. Do you have dreams in your mind and do you work hard to achieve those Dreams? Have you observed people around you in their daily life? There are 75% of people we noticed that they are happy with their current status. They do not want to do something new in their lives. They even … Continue reading Believe me! Everything is Possible

Celebrating First Anniversary of Ideal Inspiration

I’m celebrating first anniversary at WordPress Blogging platform. Its been a moment of pleasure for me after completing my first year successfully. During this period of time I gained a lot of love and many true friendships with lovely people over here. I just want to say Thank you so much to all my followers and all those who showed their love through liking, following … Continue reading Celebrating First Anniversary of Ideal Inspiration