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Behind The Rainbow Prism: A Reflection of Lifetime

Today I have had the pleasure of seeing it again, from afar … always from afar; such is its nature. Its presence calms a little this longing that I always have for him because I confess that looking for it and finding it when the rain subsides has become one of my favorite games. It is that I lose myself and I find myself just when I observe it and no, I am not ashamed of what I feel … the RAINBOW is responsible for this sensation of rebirth on me.

Maybe you don’t understand what I am saying here or you don’t share it, but maybe you do and how good that would be. In any case, I would like to invite you to continue reading because it is not a mere story or a story without meaning, far from it. Reflection can be the door that opens the way to all kinds of success, the key is in the motivation and I think there are plenty of examples … are available to start, just from zero and at any time.

As for me, its reflection allows me to combine memories that take me and at the same time bring me back to appreciate the value of the present that I live, of who I am, have and want. Just today, when events revolve around a great dragon; that with the name of a pandemic spits fire and threatens the survival of our race in almost the entire world.

Here’s Sketch of a Man to the Just Measure of a Woman.

Behind The Rainbow Prism

It is in this precise moment of this furtive and special encounter that I am grateful for where I am, every step I took, every decision I made and that they have made me what I am, neither more nor less. Every challenge that I faced and face because that is life. A constant coming and going that changes the uncertain into certain and allows each one to advance or go back in the same measure of the attempt, at least that is my criterion.

I explain to you why I attribute to the mystery of those seven colors in the sky this peculiar effect on my brain. By making visible that spectrum of light frequencies a convex-looking bridge. It causes me to climb the sky and I understand that even on dry feet it is possible to do so. That everything depends on the approach we adopt to transform pessimism into optimism every day, the negative in positive or simply the bad in good. You might also like, Learning to be Better People beyond Gender.

By the way, in my deep search in relation to this effect I found several fundamentals, such as these that I leave here: In the Bible the RAINBOW is a sign of an alliance between God and the earth, an “arch of God” as it is also called, which shows his pact of divine connection with all living beings, which I believe with my heart and respect, same as you perhaps and hundreds of thousands and millions of other people. However, on the spiritual plane, it is considered a heavenly bridge created to connect one side of the planet with the other as a symbol that it is possible for a person in that sense to go to the next level in their development; Two points of view, this and the previous one, which in their own way and for the better, converge in the improvement and in evolution.

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Correspondingly a permanent and magical order in the seven bands can be appreciated in the formation of the multicolored arc. The color red inside, then orange, followed by yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet at its outermost end. Three primary or warm colors discreetly give space to another four cold, two secondary and two tertiary, which in perfect sequence each have their own meaning. You might also be interested in, How to be more Self-Confident and a Stronger Woman.

In fact, a legend tells the story of the beautiful natural phenomenon, according to which, in ancient times. Such colors had a dispute over a matter of “power” that made GREEN prevail from the fourth place. It is that as the leader of cold colors, it is totally perceptible to the human eye regardless of its intensity; a privilege forbidden to a total of three: orange, blue and indigo.

Are you interested in knowing, what is the interpretation that is attributed to the green color in the rainbow?

Well … it is said that green expresses hope, peace, balance, health, vitality and confidence. On the other hand, it symbolizes nature, growth, renewal and fullness; actually, I am not in favor of giving it more or less important than the other colors, but, without a doubt, it is one of my favorites in any hue; in fact, I’m passionate about appreciating it in all its natural variety.

Personally, I associate the color green with faith, freedom, possible individual renewal and fulfillment, the incessant aspiration for a better future. The ability to go a little beyond those existential limits that we sometimes impose on ourselves and, as if that were not enough, we even intend to impose on someone else. So no, definitely, its exquisite presence in the range of colors is not negotiable for me, nor that of the others. Here’s an inspirational Article, A Journey Guide from the Interior to the Stars! A Life-Changing Article.

I believe that, in any case, diversity is a concept whose acceptance makes each individual gain gifts for authenticity. Just as the color palette with its nuances are real and necessary. What makes us all different is the ability to think, decide and be coherent when acting. Sometimes correctly but sometimes to fail … not so much. just enough to dare to walk again, to go out and explore life outside of that cocoon in which we usually rest.

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Of course, I have formed such a concept at the cost of my personal experience, on myself school names LIFE, this where the lessons are not random. The stumbling blocks are well thought out and the constant individual tests force everyone to make the stone path to stone to advance. By the way, learning to enjoy color is a unique variant. The loads are lightened and you allow yourself to dream without losing your own rhythm or your originality.

In case the time has not come and you think you are not going to achieve it, I tell you more … yes, it will come. There comes a day for all of us to begin to change. A few years ago my own perception of the subject was different. I did not understand very well that black and white are not always so, and I remember perfectly that words like these reached my ears from a very special person. The same person who with integrity today she’s going through a complex family situation in the face of a painful illness. So, It’s Never too Late to Start Living Your Life Again.

Today I dedicate my “flashes of light” to this great friend, a woman without equal, whose wise posture has helped her to endure, to continue on the warpath, without even fainting, betting on life, hoping to triumph.

For you dear warrior, A hand full of colors and a stellar hug.


This interesting and inspirational article is originally written in Spanish by the legend “The Flashes of Light”, translated, and published Rising Star.

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