The beauty of Islamabad, Capital of Pakistan

Islamabad is the Capital of Pakistan. It has been the capital of Pakistan since 1967. At first, it was Karachi from 1947 up to 1966. It has its unique beauty of nature. It is the most beautiful, clean and green city of Pakistan. It is surrounded by beautiful hills and mountains like Margalla Hills.

Here are some of the beautiful eye-catching and attracting photography of Islamabad that I would love to share with you. These pictures show the beauty of our lovely Islamabad. I hope you will like and enjoy all of these beautiful photos.

beauty of Islamabad Pakistan
Centaurus Mall Islamabad photos
Monal Islamabad 
beauty of Islamabad Pakistan
Islamabad photos
Islamabad beauty night view photos
beauty of Islamabad Pakistan
Centaurus Mall Islamabad night view
beauty of islamabad Pakistan
road view

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74 Responses

  1. Islamabad looks very beautiful

  2. Subhanallah!
    Magnificent beauty captured in photos

  3. Gorgeous pictures! A friend of mine is a pilot there. So pretty!

  4. yash says:

    It is so beautiful😍💓.

  5. yash says:

    From the neighbor I meant the India. 🙂

  6. meenawalia says:

    Beautiful place for sure

  7. Beautiful pictures of beautiful place ❤️!!

  8. snowj746 says:

    Beautiful Photos. Looks like an amazing place! Seems like it’s often overlooked by unaware tourists

  9. m11bna says:

    So much beauty in those photos. Added to bucket list

  10. Unique Tales says:

    Stunning. 😊✨

  11. Shane R. says:

    These pictures just screams life 😍

  12. Michelle says:

    The colors are so vibrant! Very beautiful!!

  13. Simon says:

    That looks very beautiful ✨👌 Since I’m from India i will never have a chance to visit your country, every country has its own beauty to explore, Thanks for sharing this with us ✨🤗 Have a beautiful day 💐

  14. Wow! Beautiful. I had no idea

  15. Thanks alot to rising star.
    I really appreciate the previous time you spent watching my comedy videos. I really extend my gratitude all the way from Nigeria.
    I love you all.

  16. Stunning!!! Thank you for sharing such beautiful pics

  17. Tanya Sheik says:

    Indeed beautiful. One of my dream place.😍

  18. Betul Erbasi says:

    This is great!

  19. MB says:

    Amazing 🤩🤩🤩

  20. aruna3 says: much beautiful and attactive City-Islamabad.awesome.

  21. Rising Star says:

    That’s really great informations

  22. Máryurit says:

    Wow!!, completamente impresionada con esta publicación que data justo del día del cumpleaños 16 de mi amada hija. Cómo es que me había perdido de esta maravilla?, no imaginaba siquiera la belleza de esa ciudad. La fotografía número 4.. espectacular!!.

    • Rising Star says:

      Sí, esta es la ciudad capital de Pakistán y está llena de belleza natural. Está bellamente rodeado de maravillosas montañas que aumentan su belleza. También es uno de los mejores lugares turísticos y un lugar para las dignidades.

    • Rising Star says:

      Me alegro que les haya gustado mi trabajo fotográfico y también las publicaciones de mi blog. Es un placer que ahora pueda encontrar fácilmente el cambio entre publicaciones. ¿También has pasado por la fotografía del atardecer y el amanecer?

  1. January 18, 2020

    […] the west of the lake is the Islamabad Club, which offers diverse brandishing offices. The perfect time to go here would be an hour or so […]

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