The beauty of Islamabad: The Capital of Pakistan

Islamabad is the Capital of Pakistan. It has been the capital of Pakistan since 1967. At first, it was Karachi from 1947 up to 1966. The area is famous for its unique beauty in nature. It is the most beautiful, clean and green city in Pakistan. It is surrounded by beautiful hills and mountains like Margalla Hills.

Here are some of the beautiful eye-catching and attractive pictures that I would love to share with you. These pictures show the beauty of our lovely Islamabad.

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The Beautiful view of Centaurus:

The Centaurus is a mixed-use real estate development in the city of Islamabad, Pakistan. Centaurus is a 36-floor hotel, three 23-floor residential and office towers, and a five-story shopping mall.

Centaurus Mall Islamabad photos

Here are some beautiful of Attabad Lake Hunza Valley Pakistan.

Monal Islamabad

The most beautiful pictures of The Moment of Respite for the Desert Caravan.

Islamabad beauty night view photos

The beautiful pictures of Faisal Mosque Islamabad, The National Mosque of Pakistan.

beauty of Islamabad

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Night view of Faisal Mosque:

Centaurus Mall Islamabad night view

Here are the Beautiful pictures of Jahaz Banda, Kumrat Valley, Upper Dir: Beautiful places of Pakistan.

Green and Clean roads of Islamabad:

beauty of islamabad Pakistan

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