Advanced YouTube Marketing Strategies for Bloggers

YouTube is the world’s 2nd largest Search Engine where people share video content. According to YouTube Statistics 2020, YouTube has 2 Billion unique monthly viewers. Nearly 1 out of 2 internet users are present on YouTube. 400 hours of video people upload to YouTube every single minute worldwide.

YouTube, the world’s 2nd largest Search Engine processes more than 3 billion searches a month. Moreover, 90 % of US video viewers use YouTube, for digital video consumption. In short, YouTube is one of the fastest-growing video-sharing websites in the world at the moment. YouTube Marketing has also become an essential part of Marketing and businesses are rapidly converting towards YouTube Marketing and advertising.

As a Blogger you can’t only focus your efforts on writing and your Blogging platform. In order to get more and more traffic to your blog, you need to share your content on almost all of the social media platforms around the Internet. YouTube is also one of them. If you can create videos then YouTube can also be one of the best sources to give your blog a traffic increase.

YouTube Marketing Strategy
YouTube Marketing Strategy

YouTube Marketing Tips:

In this detailed article, we will explore Advanced YouTube Marketing Strategies for Bloggers who want to rock their blogger career.

1. Videos Publishing Schedule:

Create a consistent upload schedule as it is one of the most important factors in success. Communicate with your audience through the banner, about section of your YouTube Channel, video description, and end cards of your video.

2. Channel Trailer:

Add a Channel to attract new visitors and turn them into subscribers. Use your best strategy to hook unsubscribed viewers in the first few seconds. Highlight your best content so that it can attract new viewers. Encourage subscribed viewers to stay in touch and to get notifications of the next upcoming videos. Add annotations to your videos to send new visitors to your related and top videos and playlists.

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3. YouTube Cards:

YouTube cards are the interactive cards you usually see at the end of videos that let creators share clickable links to relevant content throughout a video. Also, you can add up to five cards to each video and you can use these cards in any video. Info cards are unlike other regular annotations that appear on mobile. It is a more professional way of representing your videos. You can link these cards to a video or a playlist, a merchandise page, a fan funding page, or a blog/website.

4. Videos Thumbnails:

Research has shown that 90% of the best-performing videos on YouTube have visually interesting custom thumbnails that attract viewers and make them able to click.  

Some of the best practices for custom and appealing thumbnails are:  

  • Thumbnails should be clear, in focus, and high resolution.
  • Create high-contrast, well-framed, and visually compelling thumbnails.
  • The visual effect should be clear across devices of all sizes from desktops to mobiles.
  • A thumbnail should visually reinforce your video’s title.
  • Your video thumbnail should represent accurate reflections of your content.

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5. Brand Watermark:

Your brand Watermark will represent you everywhere your videos get shared. Watermark stays with your videos when they are shared outside of your YouTube channel. Therefore, embed a watermark in your videos so that it helps make people familiar with your channel.

Moreover, channels with brief comments on their videos see an increase in engagement and subscribers. Allow viewers to easily subscribe to your channel when they hover over it. Encourage comments on your videos and don’t miss to respond to every single comment your video gets.

Improve and Analyze:

When are viewers engaging with your video the most?

6. Watch Time Analytics Report:

Watch the time of your videos shows you how viewers are interacting with your content. It gives you an overview of the daily watch time associated with the channel. Watch time is one of the important factors in your ranking on YouTube. It means, that the higher the watch time the higher the rank on YouTube.

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When and how are you losing viewers?

7. Audience Retention Report:

The audience Retention Report helps in improving your video structure. Jump straight into the content. The title of your video and thumbnail already tell the audience what to expect from your video.

Advanced YouTube Marketing Tips
Image from Unsplash: Advanced YouTube Marketing Tips

How are people finding your videos?

8. Traffic Resources Report:

You can use YouTube search data to see the terms that people are using to find you and your content. By using this analytics data you can further improve your channel performance and share your videos further social platforms.

Are your viewers leaving your videos too quickly?

9. Annotations Report:

Here you can apply the Rule of Thumb. “A rule of thumb is an estimation based on a rough and ready practical rule, not based on scientific or exact measurement.” Your channel Click-through rate (CTR) should always be higher than your close rate. Don’t encourage your viewers to click away before they’ve even seen the content and to do so, give VALUE first.

How you can increase your watch time?

10. Tips Increase Watch Time:

In order to increase your watch time and keep people connected with your channel, you have to focus on your videos. Here are the 10 YouTube video creation tips:

  • Create videos with confidence.
  • Take research before creating a video on a certain topic.
  • The first 15 seconds are important, introduce your topic to gain interest.
  • Upload high-quality videos.
  • Your voice should be soft and clear throughout the video.
  • At the start, introduce what your video is all about.
  • Your background should be eye-catching so that people don’t get bored to see it longer.
  • Ask your viewers, what type of content they love to see from you.
  • Ask a question and encourage viewers to comment in the end.
  • Encourage viewers to Share, Subscribe, and press the bell icon for further video notifications.

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