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7 Top Secrets of my Success in Life

Life is strange but beautiful with success in life. It is full of hardships, challenges, and hard-hitting lessons. Success in life is also a challenge for everyone. At an earlier stage, you have many choices to choose and live your life as you want because at that stage you are dependent on your parents. But with the passage of time and at teen aging you reach a stage where you have very limited options to select any one of them. The same was the case of my success in life.

My success in life is one of the real examples for you. I started my life with a doubt in mind. At the earlier stage of maturity, I was unable to choose and define a better life goal. This constrained me to face too many hardships and challenges in life when I was having nothing in my hands. It looks like a bad dream whenever I think of my past life. But now I think I am fully stable and can define my success in a better way.

In true meaning, life starts after teen aging and after reaching the maturity level. At that stage, you need to choose the best way for your future. Your one decision can make your life successful or unsuccessful. So you have to think hundred times before taking any decision about your future at that stage.

However, whatever your decision is, few things are common for every type of success in life. In this article, I am going to share my seven common and most effective secrets that are essential to be followed to become successful in your life. These 7 secrets of success in my life are:

1. Hard work:

Hard work is the key to success. My success in life taught me that nothing could be gained without extreme efforts. Hard work is the first step of the ladder to success. Success can’t be achieved without hard work and consistency. Remember! Straight roads can’t make you a good driver. Someone has rightly said that a difficult road leads to a beautiful destination.

Few steps to keep in mind before starting your journey to success:

  • Set 25 goals in life and apply the 25/5 rule on them. (Warren Buffett)
  • Note down all the limitations and make a proper strategy to move forward with all the limitations.
  • Select the top 5 goals in them. Leave the rest until the top 5 goals are achieved.
  • Move to the next goals after the top 5 goals are completely achieved.
  • Continue your journey in that way and spread your success among your followers periodically.

2. Success requires Sacrifices:

Life is strange. It takes things from you if it gives you something new. You might have to lose one thing to find other things in life. The same is the problem with success. To get success in life you will lose something and this could be anything, depending on the type of success you want to achieve.

For example, if we take the example of success, if life gives you success, it will definitely take many things from you. But you have to manage them all in the best possible way and will have to prepare yourself for those sacrifices. These could be your long hours of sleep, your games with friends, your late-night parties, and many more depending on every person’s life.

3. Struggle is directly proportional to Success:

Success is counted sweetest yet needs many struggles. You have to face many challenges on the way to success. These struggles can be some limitations, a lack of resources or even it might be some problems related to your family. Despite all, you have to live your life with a Purpose.

Stay away from naysayers if you really want to be successful in life. Your company matters a lot in a person’s way to success. So you must always join the company of motivated and educated people.

4. Self-Belief and Success:

My self-belief is one of the secrets of my Success in Life. Faith and belief in yourself are some of the key factors in success. Believe in yourself because God has placed so much potential in you. You can do what you can imagine. Believe me! Everything is Possible.

However, one thing that is most essential is that every person has a unique quality. Yours that specific quality is making you a different person from the rest of the world. You need to find out this quality and will have to use all your potential on this to make your belief in yourself stronger.

5. Success needs Patience:

You need to be patient on the journey to success. Success is not accidental. Success can’t be achieved overnight. It is a step-by-step process. So you need to be passionate throughout your journey to success.

My success in life told me that, the law of success is simple and straightforward. You will gain what you will work for. The more patient you will be the more successful in life you will be. The more patient you will be the more beautiful life yours will be.

6. Risk matters in Success:

True passion will take you to the peak of success. Passion leads you to break the barriers that hold your emotions back. Enjoy every step of your success and celebrate it with your colleagues so that it will keep you motivated and energetic. Set a Vision in your life because There’s no Life without a Strong Vision.

Success is not final. It is an ongoing process that doesn’t have an end. The more effort you will put into a way to success the more successful you will be called. Therefore, keep your efforts carry on and rock the world with your achievements. Make your own success story. The day is not far away that the world will remember you through your success story.

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57 Responses

  1. Nice Reminders and congratulations on your success.
    The secret is…. there are no secrets: just do it like Nike says.. ❤️
    Have a great day Rising Star!

  2. Sejal Sheth says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Awesome inspirational message for a Monday morning! Thank you!

  4. bejamin4 says:

    Great post! Especially for anyone who wants to strive for their dreams. Thanks for sharing this all!

  5. ecohorizons says:

    One thing that yes , it is better to gain experience to know your true lovely passion and what really resonates with your spirit and heart …
    We gain good judgment and discerning through trials and continuous experience… You can be flexible and not hard on yourself …Take one step or a few steps each and every time …

    • Rising Star says:

      Absolutely right, fully agree with you, step by step but continues progress worth a lot in way to success

      • ecohorizons says:

        It is better sometimes not to pressure yourself.
        Continuous sustainable development is usually step by step whether large steps or small.
        Move at your own pace …
        An Old woman once said that clever students should be the first in class or have the highest grades …I do not blame her as she acted to the best of her knowledge but you are special and you do not have to compare yourself to anyone no matter who or how the others are …
        You are unique and different …

      • Rising Star says:

        Exactly, everyone has his own uniqueness and that’s the real power if someone succeeded to found that inner potential. For me, the best and first in a class isn’t any wonderful thing. I like to be a middle person as it provides you a wide variety of knowledge and experience in life.

      • ecohorizons says:

        I used to wish being in tje 1st rank in the class and I used to wish I were living in Canada or Sweden but I realized that the grass is not always greener on the other side and every place has its merits and demerits . God has given you different presents so embrace what you have . Happiness and resourcefulness cone from within …
        Stay intuitively and rationally open to infinite possibilities as allowing the divine within you to flow through you is so liberating and inspirational…

      • Rising Star says:

        Nice man, great things learned from you today and it’s always a pleasure to learn from you

      • ecohorizons says:

        Humans always keep learning and understanding new things …

      • Rising Star says:

        Absolutely right, day by day and movement be movement learn new things

  6. Thanks for sharing your top tips for success with us! These are some wise, uplifting and thought provoking words 💖

  7. Great post. My dad when you have freedom, you are successful!

  8. Another great one, 👍👏

  9. Dr prakash Chandra says:

    Good one.I really like your point of taking the risk.Because the biggest risk in person’s life is not taking the risk.

  10. It’s great to have all these factors in life. Indeed it is motivational post for all those who want to be successful.

    Wish you more success in life. 😊

    • Rising Star says:

      Thank you so much Kriti for your time and kind words💝. It really means a lot to me🤗. Thanks for your encouragement😊. I hope you had a nice day 💐.

  11. Amazing. Thank you for sharing this. 😉😊

  12. Thank you for sharing this wonderful tips of your success . It is definitely going to help us.🤓

  13. jaayrays says:

    Inspiring ! Love it 😇

  14. Rising Star says:

    Yeah, you are absolutely right dear🥂. Thanks a lot for your time and worthy response🌹💝. It really means a lot to me 🤗.

  15. Máryurit says:

    Sin dudas, un valioso artículo; no solo por el estupendo contenido sino también por la magistral manera de decir, por cierto, una exquisita combinación a la que ya estamos acostumbrados a encontrar en este blog. Mis más sinceras felicitaciones.
    Por demás, coincido plenamente en que, con independencia de la variedad de intereses que nos caracterizan como seres humanos, no es posible alcanzar éxitos en la vida si no estamos enfocados en ello, lo que supone empeño, constancia y determinación en la consecución de objetivos y metas totalmente logrables con nuestro infinito potencial.

    • Rising Star says:

      Amigo absolutamente correcto. necesitamos ser apasionados y reflexivos en todo momento y la coherencia es lo principal que nos puede ayudar a lograr todos nuestros sueños.

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