6 Tips to Help You Improve Your Character and Personality

How to build strong character:

Maybe you are thinking that you are not interested in forging your character and you have landed on this blog looking for some ideas to motivate you instantly and start doing what you find so difficult. However, let me tell you that a strong personality will make you a person who has focus, who knows where he is going, and who is more successful. If you need motivation it is because you have to do something that costs you a lot but you think it is necessary. So you start from a character, which will soon become a habit, and then a way of life, a way of being.

I think it’s my personality to overcome things, learn from them and become stronger, both personally and professionally. To be honest, I welcome those hardships. Hope Solo

To put it another way, working on your personality will have a huge effect on your motivation. This is something that many people fail to see, and they think that motivation is just a “drug” that runs out and that you must constantly renew. Motivation is also an attitude and it is embedded in our way of being, in our behaviors, and our way of thinking. Being motivated is not simply reading or listening to beautiful words and phrases, it is not simply stimulating ourselves with a speech or video that makes us reflect temporarily and briefly prompts us to “do something for our lives.” Getting motivated is also building a motivating personality.

His own character is the arbiter of everyone’s fortune. Publilio Siro

How to build a strong character?

Recommendations for building a stronger character:

“Life is for those who take risks, not for those who see it happen.”

This time I want to continue our theme on personality and character. First of all, if you think that a person with character is a willful, authoritarian, rebellious person, who questions and criticizes everything, who opposes everything; you must rethink your definition of what it means to “have personality” or “have character.”

how to build strong character
Image from Unsplash (Hannah Skelly) How to build a strong character

Having a strong personality is not being an uncompromising, arrogant person who does what he wants and when he wants. Character is a trait that a person possesses because it serves them well. In other words, it is not a whim, but a lifestyle, a set of traits that allow us to be more efficient in our daily lives. Keep reading and you will understand better what I mean by this.

Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it. Bruce Lee

Here are some habits that you must cultivate to be a person with an improved character and that will also make your effort to become a better person more efficient and consistent.

Stay busy:

A successful person is a person who is always short on time. You always have commitments to attend to, places to go, people to contact, and activities to do. Therefore, he has very little time to entertain himself, since he values every minute of every day.

Do not waste your time on the internet and social media platforms distracting yourself with videos, images, and news that do not add anything to your lifestyle. You have little time to work towards your goals. So you should keep your achievements a priority. Limit the time you spend for fun. Time is a non-renewable natural resource, time is money. Set S.M.A.R.T. goals for yourself and be consistent with what you want to achieve.

At first, it will be difficult to make the most of your time, but you must develop a philosophy in which the phrase “time is priceless” is the fundamental principle. Make no mistake, I am not telling you that you should work all the time and that you should only do productive things or else your life will be a waste. There will be time for everything and everyone, for vital things, for leisure and for rest.

What I want you to understand is that some activities are not worth the time that you are possibly spending.

If you want to improve your life, you must use time more effectively, and above all, you will have to sacrifice some of your pleasures. Think of the even greater pleasures you can get if you work a little more on what you want in the future and don’t just stick with what you like now.

Give priority to long-term profits:

Guide your plans to achieve your long-term ambitions, even if you have to do without some pleasures to achieve them. Think about the future and the opportunities you have now but may not have later. Take advantage of what you have now to make up for what you will not have later, (time, energy, youth, money, etc.).

Short-term pleasures don’t take a lot of time or effort, so you can enjoy them later. They are not a priority because they are very easy to obtain. Instead, long-term gains require long, steady work. Every minute you waste now you will regret it in a few months or years.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want you to sacrifice everything you love to be a workaholic and to build something that you are only going to enjoy in the future. After all, if you die tomorrow you will have lived for a future you never lived. The question is in the balance. Your chances of having a bright future depend on what you do now. You must take a risk and bet on something that is not safe or settle for what you can enjoy today. So, work today to make your tomorrow.

Think of everything that you have wanted to do and have not done to focus on the short term. In a way, your “me” today is the future of your “me” yesterday. Wouldn’t you have liked your “me” from yesterday to have thought a little more about you? Maybe now you would be in better shape, you would have a better job, education, or whatever it is that you have always wanted. Maybe now you would be more determined or surer of yourself.

If you started working on your personal improvement this year, wouldn’t you have liked to have started a year earlier? It would have been great, right?

Take an interest in yourself:

Love yourself and be your own boss. The interests and activities of a person’s character and success come first. A person with a good character knows how to take his place and is clear that his purposes are first and foremost. For this reason, he does not put off his goals; he does not put them off for tomorrow. You do not leave your relevant issues in the hands of others and you do not put your work (the things you do to achieve your goals) before entertainment, superficial personal relationships, or minor activities.

Now, a person who cares about himself is one who creates his own reality. He is not interested in living someone else’s life. He is not interested in following others. Also, he loves to live his own life. For this reason, he is clear that he does what he wants for himself. You are independent; you do not expect others to make your life fun, interesting, productive, or satisfying. Also, you do not trust chance, fate, or the willingness of other people to live the life you want.

He has clear principles and builds a lifestyle that allows him to learn a lot, interact with valuable people, take advantage of opportunities, and be persistent. So you know what you want, how you want it, and when you want it. Create personal plans and design strategies to achieve the results you expect. You do not ask for permission or feel ashamed when exposing your desires, needs, and passions.

Be true to yourself. Do not leave your life in the hands of others. If you want to be a person of character, don’t seek the approval of others. Your principles, values, and work ethic are defined by yourself. Don’t wait for others to give you permission to be or to do something. Your honor code and your behavior have a purpose that should be determined by your wishes and aspirations, not by what others expect of you. So, you only need to be the best version of yourself.

Trust yourself, you don’t need others to make you feel safe with their opinions. Self-confidence is not acquired by receiving good feedback. Listen to intelligent opinions and receive recommendations that allow you to constantly renew and improve; and at one time dismiss baseless, destructive, or pessimistic views.

There is an amazing power in getting to know your inner self and learning how to use it and not fight with the world. If you know what makes you happy, your personality, interests and capabilities, just use them, and everything else flows beautifully. Juhi Chawla

If you want to be an interesting person (a person with character is, necessarily), you must be someone who builds their own reality. Trust me; you don’t need to captivate other people’s curiosity by doing flashy things, making up stories, or experiencing a thousand different things. Stop comparing yourself to others.

An interesting person draws attention without having to show off. Your lifestyle speaks for itself and offers something important without putting on a show for others to notice. Others will think that your opinion is valuable, they will look for you, ask you questions, and want your company because, in addition to being an enigmatic, mysterious, or entertaining person, you will have something to offer beyond your appearance: You will have a unique reality to offer, one that you have built yourself.

Control your emotions, passions, and demons:

You don’t need to appear authoritative and assertive by being cold, short-tempered, or overly serious. People will not be interested in you if you show yourself unapproachable and rather than see you as someone with personality, they will see you as someone insecure, and hesitant. Learn to express your emotions gently and never suppress them.

You can open up to others, show surprise, and acknowledge that you don’t know or can’t do something while still being interesting. Don’t be afraid to lose the admiration of others when you acknowledge your ignorance or lack of knowledge. In fact, others will find it suspicious that you never have questions and seem to know everything and nothing will surprise you. Remember that we are all ignorant, only that we are ignorant of different things.

Character is not a question of ego, who knows or can do more, who shows more teeth, who can make others look bad, who has the most inflated chest. Don’t mistake the character for pride.

Let me repeat it one last time: You don’t need to project security through bigotry, anger, or petulance. While you don’t want to be fragile or unstable, appearing unbreakable or tight won’t make others think you are someone with personality. On the contrary, they will think that you are boring, bitter, and arrogant.

Here’s How to control your emotions:

Learn constantly:

As you may have noticed, each personality trait is related to the others, and this is because a character is a consistent image. It is not an isolated set of characteristics, it is a solid core, the core of your personality. When you recognize that you don’t know them all, you have the attitude to learn. Showing ignorance about a subject is not a sign of weakness but of humility. You can be humble and still be someone with character, as long as you stay in a constant process of improvement and learning.

When you are able to control your passions and your demons, you recognize that you are not perfect and that you have flaws and weaknesses. You do not complain about that, but you cultivate a discipline that allows you to go further and further, compensating for those areas in which you are not so outstanding.

And it’s okay to be wrong a million times. Making mistakes and correcting them is a pretty effective and quick way to learn. Don’t worry about trying things you’re not very good at. Focus on learning a lot and you will see how that effort will pay off later (even in ways you could never have imagined).

Don’t settle, but be cautious:

Be cautious. Don’t take unnecessary risks. Look for a bit of security in the projects you undertake and try to take firm steps. Take calculated risks, that is, take risks in such a way that you may lose something but that

  1. Allow you to win much more than you risked. Or
  2. Do not make you lose too much.

Know your possibilities but take your potential to the maximum, Extend your limits a little but do not overdo it.

After reviewing this list, you may want to ask yourself if you are developing powerful character and if you are cultivating your personality in the proper way. You may be at a point where you want to change but don’t know where to start or what changes you should implement. My advice is that you work on your personality, regardless of the challenge you face. If you want to lose weight, get a job, improve your performance in a sport, learn to do something new, etc.; you will always need a personality that is consistent with your change.

Try not to leave things to chance or in the hands of other people. You probably notice that you are being lax with yourself and you still need to better consolidate your way of being. You have to keep in mind that you cannot remain the same person if you want to achieve significant and definitive changes in your life.

Be ambitious and work on all aspects of your life, so that eventually you will have a personality that is undeniably success-oriented and has a clear perspective on your dreams.

Here you have it then: 6 tips to build character:

  1. Stay busy
  2. Make long-term profits a priority
  3. Take an interest in yourself
  4. Control your emotions, passions, and demons
  5. Learn constantly
  6. Be wise. Don’t settle, but be cautious

Hope you like these tips to build a stronger character and personality.

What do you recommend to build a stronger and authoritative personality?

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