6 Lucrative SEO Tools that are needed to Grab SEO of your Site

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as always “it’s fun to be an SEO Expert”. But you might be wondered that SEO was never so easy till the discovery of these wonderful SEO Tools. SEO tools made it easier for SEO experts to check the entire website within no time from every needed aspect. Believe me, SEO was a great challenge before the inventions of these SEO tools.

In today’s digital world, tons of SEO tools available to be used. Some are free to use while for the others we need to pay some money. However, in both cases these SEO tools are useful, either we use free tools or if we pay for them. But here the problem with some of the free tools is that a limited edition is available. To get full access to these tools you need to go for there, “Basic, Advanced, and Business plans” accordingly.

6 Best SEO Tools for a Website SEO:

Nevertheless, in this article, we are going to explore 6 SEO Tools that are indeed an essential part of SEO. An SEO expert can’t live without these SEO tools.

Google Trends:

Google Trends a free Google SEO tool that is used to check the trend in Marketing. As you know that trends change with the season change and also with the advancement in technology.

Google Trends
Best SEO Tools

Google Trends help in a better way to check new trends and ups and downs in the market. Moreover, Google Trends is also helpful to compare words and phrases so that they used in a better way regarding SEO.

Google Rich Results Test:

Google Rich Results Testing Tool is a website testing tool and is used to validate your website markup. Where, Google uses Rich Results that it finds on the website to understand the content of the page, and also to collect information about the site. Moreover, Google also uses Rich Results to enable special search result features and improvements. Before moving towards the Rich Results Testing tool, Google used the Google Structured Data analysis Tool which is being deprecated. 

Google Rich Results

For example, if I am having a website and writing about inspiration then Google Rich Results Testing Tool will analyze my content and will look for further categories like posts titles, personality development, life improvement, Success in life, and author of the posts.


Copyscape one of the best tools that have a great impact on the professional life of an SEO expert. The Copyscape is used to check the plagiarism of content. SEO experts use Copyscape for every created content to find out plagiarism before publishing.

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I personally use Copyscape and DupliChecker to make my content Plagiarism free.

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is an analytical tool that is used to check website statistics. Moreover, Google Analytics is just like WordPress’s built-in Analytic tool. However, it is occupied with advanced features and options. In addition, Google Analytics is easier to use and you can collect any type of required in different formats.

Google Analytics

Google PageSpeed Insights:

Google PageSpeed Insights is used by SEO experts to check the page uploading speed of a website. Here, Google Page Speed Insights helps to improve site speed by identifying factors that slow down a page speed by taking necessary actions.

Best SEO Tools

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Open Site Explorer:

Open Site Explorer to find the best link opportunities by doing competitor site analysis. This tool is very helpful that make it easier to get links from different sites and give you the strength to move beyond the expectations of your competitor.

Open Site Explorer

These are the 6 Best SEO Tools that in my opinion, every SEO expert must use. Using these tools doesn’t require too much effort from you rather they will save your time and efforts as well. So, go for these SEO Tools at the earliest.

Which of the above SEO Tools you are using for the SEO of your Website?

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