Professional Beggars of Today

Have you ever observed that we unconsciously encourage beggars and discourage hard work? We count even a single penny with a taxi driver or with vegetable or fruit sellers and small caste workers. In this way we encourage professional beggars and discourage hard workers.

Is it so or just I’m thinking like that?

While giving away ten, fifty and, hundred rupees to the professional beggars, it is good to feed the beggars only the food and give the working class more than their right. It can help them in nicely managing their daily needs. If you give a thousand or one lac rupees to a beggar, He’ll save it somewhere and will start begging again the next day. These are called professional beggars. On the contrary, if you help a striver, it will make his business and work much better and will help him fulfill his needs.

Can we stop encouraging professional beggars somehow?

professional beggars

In my point of view, it will be better if you place a box in the house. If you put a penny in it on daily basis, when you deposit enough money, make a big note of it and give it to such a needed person or a widow and also there will be millions of students in your country that need your penny. It can help them a lot. If you give money to a real needy person you will feel its delightful effect through his facial expression.

Try to motivate professional beggars for hard work and self-respect. We can bring brightness in the world if we think about it and think consciously. Even if one of your pennies reaches the right deserver, there will be a treasure in the hereafter for you. Remember that giving back does not end with creation, it does not end with charity, but you must give to charity but with planning and carefulness and through it try to bring about positive change in society.

How do you treat today’s Professional Beggars?

143 thoughts on “Professional Beggars of Today

  1. I agree with you while also noting that I think most homeless have mental and or substance abuse problems. There should be mental hospitals and drug treatment centers for them instead of the government telling them to go to libraries, as if libraries were hospitals, (I work for libraries). Some librarians are even trained to give overdose shots to the patrons, I think it’s gotten to be a crazy situation.
    No one should sleep on the street, this is the government’s fault and responsibility.
    I’ve been hearing about non-homeless people that pretend to be homeless, they beg (with little children alongside them to get more sympathy) but then drive off in a Mercedes into an apartment unit. It was filmed on YouTube, they were career scammers. There’s a lot of injustice in the world and we could all use support but I agree that helping those that help themselves (through hard, honest work) deserve more support, not scammers!

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    1. Absolutely right Judy, we Can’t believe that tbese people are living their lives more better than us. But they pretend to be a beggar hVing a child with them for collection of sympathy. They are disturbing the lives of realy deserved peoples. Currently our government has opened shelter homes for such people but I don’t think it could run for a long interval of time.


    1. Yeah I know dear, you must always prefer your studies. Blogging should be the part time job until you get free from every other activities. Keep going on and focus on your studies. Have a very blessed examinations.

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