Beautiful Places Photography

Sunset / Sunrise Photography

Photography is always my passion. I always love to capture memories and scenes in my camera.

Here are some beautiful pictures of Sunset and Sunrise and some other photographs. I hope you will like that.

Which type of photography you like the most?

Sunrise, sunset, wallpaper
Best Sunset sunrise wallpaper


      1. Yes..I know..Pakistan is a great Muslim country. …God bless you dear Kiramat..wish you the best ..Have a great day πŸ™βš˜

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      2. Never mind..
        You can ask google about anything you want to know ..and he will answer..
        Google is a great blessing I think…
        Best regards dear friend πŸ‘βš˜πŸ˜Š

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      3. Thanks dear, in fact Google is my best friend and I love to interact with it every time I feel stucked some how. Even I use it for translating my response into different languages which is a fun and source of attraction if you vive someone a response in their native language.

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    1. Yep, one of my friend suggested me to choose any other university but there is no other university available in Hyderabad. The university I selected is not much better in ranking. Now I am a bit confused but will try to get the possible solution.

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