Be Serious for Your Time

I just wanted to say that, what a golden time it was when “I was a child.” By the time when I was a little boy, nobody in my family was having a watch. But everyone was having time to spend with me and other family members. And now when everyone has many watches in their pockets and wrists but no one has the time for their loved ones.

Why? Why? Why? What has happened to the world?

Is there’s a lack of motivation and inspiration?

Time, watch

Time is worthy and precious. So do respect of it. Spare some time from your busy life for your loved ones. They need your time and company. Life is too short to live. Everyone has to leave the world one day. But no one knows which breath is the last breath of your life. Spend your time by spreading love and smiles. Because your loving memories will always be remembered.

What are your views about this advancement?

42 thoughts on “Be Serious for Your Time

  1. Yes..true ..Technology and social media changed our life. we have to organize our time..we should take care of our family and use the technology in the right way..keep writing 🙏👍

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    1. Absolutely right Shruti, people’s mind set is changing from emotionally to virtually. That’s why hearts problems and Many more stressful situations are becoming more common among people. Because no one is sharing emotions to people who are connected to their lives.

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  2. Oh My God! I’m so happy for you. Sincerely you deserve it more than ever. I’ve read your blog posts and to be sincere they are not blog posts but life guides. I cannot be more blessed than having so much inspirational persons around me, you’re among them! Thank you for your advices and well I cannot deny what you just wrote. Keep it up bro❤❤❤

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      1. Sure, I will definitely try to take a course soon. I am also thinking about joining English speaking course too. Does my English is not improved from the earlier? I think I have made a bit of progress.


      2. You have improved but the sentences are sometimes a bit confusing. Sometimes i have to read the sentence twice to figure out what you mean or edit it in my head. In my opinion TOEFL is the best course you can take. I took TOEFL and got 110/120.

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