Great Idea

What should I need to do?

An extraordinary idea is a good thought regardless of who fabricates and present it. The more at peace we are, the more productive we can be. As masterful engineers, we must and do care about achieving specific results. Care is the basic building block of fruitful results.

The more collaborative and creative we can be, the less we will tolerate ego or insecurity. The closer we get to mastery, the more we sure about the specific outcomes and results.

What about your aims?

great idea good idea 

I think reducing your aims are the most difficult targets within your reach. Think about it and try for the best results. What we need in life, in the arts, in sports, is to loosen up, to become flexible, to get to a place where there is nothing in our way, including our own obsession with certain outcomes.

Is it a good idea to reduce your aims?

22 thoughts on “Great Idea

  1. As far as my concern, having more aims may leads you to do nothing. If you step into some new targets you shoulda be fully attentive and to be focused in your vision. After achieving it, we can step into our new projects or aim.

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    1. Absolutely right Tanya, having too many aims will definitely puzzles us to choose from them. We will spend our worthy time in just taking the first step. Having a small but clear vision will lead us to the fruitful results. Am I right?

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