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What do you like the most?

I just wanted to confirm that “What do you like the most and what you doesn’t like in cold weather”?

Snowfall cold weather landscape

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  1. I like the warm sun in the morning..I like drinking hot chocolate in the evening..I don’t like winter..I become lazy..but I had to do all my work daily..

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  2. Winter here in Australia isn’t as cold as in the Northern Hemisphere, but I like good whole hearted hot meals, casseroles, Sunday Roasts, a hot coffee on a cold morning to get you going, and being able to sit in front of our potbelly stove reading.

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  3. Good timing! We are about to get our first measurable snow in my part of Iowa! I actually like snow every now and then but hate the ice! On cold days I like hot tea and coffee, comfort food, and old movies and warm quilts!

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    • Awww, so nice likings you have in cold weather. I too love the snow falling very much but sadly there’s no snowfall in my area. I really enjoy the lovely snow falling pics. I too love hot tea and coffee, hot chocolate drinks and old movies and warm quilts.

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  4. I love love love the cold, hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) bothers myself and my daughter, so we love the cold weather. I find if comforting, I love the look of winter, I can layer my clothes and I find it enchanting….plus I am not hot.

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    • Wow! that’s sooper dooper, I too like the cold very much but this season its unbearable for me a little, but my opinion is very good for cold weather and I love the snow falling. Also same like you I do not like hot weather because of sweating. The exhaustion of sweat from my body is too much… Plus I am a little hot.

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  5. nice pictures πŸ™‚. i love snow and skiing or how it sparkles like diamants when the shine reflect on it. i dont like when its cloudy and rainy mixed with snow as usual in stockholm.here in north sweden seems like a christmas card all winter.it really inspires me πŸ₯°

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  6. There is so much beauty in cold and it causes change in everything it touches! I have been in -80 in Alaska, United States while serving in the Army. Never want to do that again. Give me a warm/hot southern state to retire in!

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  7. What do I like about the cold? Snow and frost look very pretty, often silence ensues after a heavy fall of snow, due to the UK not being geared up for it, traffic and travel come to a standstill and the quietness envelops. Children get the day off from school as do parents, fun and frolics follow with tobogganing and snow ball fights! I like the changes the seasons bring, when the cold comes in winter, I like to change into woolly jumpers and hats and gloves and thick woolly socks. Other pleasures include getting in from the cold and lighting a fire or running a hot bath, snuggling under the duvet and eating hot soups, stews and dumplings, toasting crumpets over an open fire. What isn’t there to like?

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    • That’s really awesome. You are having so nice winter season. Honestly speaking, your response is so much amazing. You made me think of winter once again.
      In fact I too like the change in weather. Winter is my favorite season because I can’t afford much sweating in summer. Winter has utmost beauty in it. I like the snowfall and playing with childrens in snow very much. But it affect our routine activities due to heavy snow falls.


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