Innocence and Emotional Intelligence

Innocence and Emotional Intelligence are two very powerful tools. Innocence can be very strong in many ways. We can let down our barriers that hold our emotions back. It’s a powerful way to connect with another human beings. Evaluating the situation and connecting with a person emotionally by just listening to them especially when they are at their weakest, you are helping them through something like innocence.

Emotional intelligence is a success driver in most cases. We can handle a lot with our Intelligence in critical situations. Emotional Intelligence makes us stronger and confident in our abilities.

Emotional Intelligence and innocence

Unfortunately we never know when our bell of life will toll. Live life to the fullest and do all great things you want to do. Regrets should not be part of your last moments here on earth. You will never be given a chance to fulfill your dreams.

32 thoughts on “Innocence and Emotional Intelligence

  1. Innocence is such an attractive quality even in older people. It is so easy in this modern world to become jaded. EQ is something you can work on but I think this talent starts in childhood and is part of your personality. In all things, good manners or courtesy goes a long way. Merry Christmas my dear friend.

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  2. Wonderful topic.Innocence and emotional intelligence are most powerful tools for developing the personality and most impressive for others.i think-that point is related to age i am elder than you but these both things,my life have tried to avoid still now.oh,dear Rising Star!!never understand that i am proud of my this virtues.these are with me from childhood.😊

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