The time will come

Most of the time when we get upset with what happens, especially when things don’t go according to our plan. We start doubting ourselves forgetting that soon things will turn our way. Just believe in yourself and be patient until the good time comes.
The times when you feel sad and disappointed should be seen as a new beginning. Maybe it’s a new chapter in your life, your chance to change your life.

the time will come
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The pieces of our life don’t always make sense as they fall but when we look back we realize the pieces fell exactly as they should have. There is a place for everything and everything is in its right place. Once we stop trying to connect the dots each step of the way we grant ourselves the true freedom to explore, create, and grow.
The thing is, if our time is up, there’s nothing we can do. And so while we are still here, as the wise men say, we prepare and store up for ourselves treasure in heaven.
Someday it will all make perfect sense so, for now, laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears and just keep going. Because the time doesn’t stop and wait for anyone and moving forward on its way. We have to catch the flow of time and need to be at a speed to fulfill all our desired wishes.

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48 thoughts on “The time will come

    1. Ah, cooking is part of our lives and if we take it positively it could become a fun too. Although sometimes it becomes difficult to manage but it is necessary because we all need this.


  1. The hardest test in life is always PATIENCE to wait for the right time. The process may be slow, but quitting wouldn’t speed it up. Nice writeup 👍

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    1. Every beginning has an end, when you haven’t meet an end you are on your Way towards the end. The end will be a better one.
      If you are having a good plan and know the Way to handle it then nothing can stop your expectations to be happening soon enough. But keep in mind that quitting is never a good option. Be blessed.

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      1. I am glad you remember it. The convocation went well. My mom and my big B joined with me. Wanna persue higher education and now am doing teaching course. Thank you for your kind rememberence.🤗😍👍

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  2. Wise words, and yes, only stepping back can the bigger picture come into view. The more times you have seen this in your own life, the easier it becomes to relax, until the bigger picture comes into focus, and you begin to realize, that what you are going through now, a hard part, is only a small section of the total image.

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  3. j’ai cherché sur inetrnet plus de 3 H aujourd’hui, mais je n’ai pas trouvé de texte aussi iintéressant que le vôtre.
    Parfaitement écrit!
    Un grand bravo vous etesau top personnellement j’aime de fitness homme
    alors si je pouvais de rediger + de sujets sur le fitness biz .

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