I just wanted to confirm that “What is your

Creativity or Innovativeness is a phenomenon whereby something new and some way or another significant is framed in your own way of thinking and imagination. The created item or creativity might be impalpable or a physical item.

I just wanted to confirm that “What is your best time for creativity?” Mine is evening.

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77 thoughts on “I just wanted to confirm that “What is your

  1. In the morning, while drinking coffee but before food. I find that my thoughts are pretty well organized when I wake up and only fray more and more as the day goes by. By the evening I am in no mental shape to put anything to paper in any meaningful way, but the ingredients of a piece are mixing together, ready in the morning for the early baker.

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  2. Really just depends on the day, I am very creative write when I put my head down on the pillow! When I am driving I am very creative as well! Times when my mind is left in a lull, leaving it to spiral from one idea to the nezt

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  3. Creative topics… strike during crucial timing..like while driving. I enjoy driving alone that time my mind struck s with something weirdo or interesting.. in vain, everytime I left with no paper and pen with which can note it down, coz I have short term memory. On the whole, creativity pops up every crucial timings.πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

    What about you Rising Star?

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  4. I am probably most creative with ideas and thoughts in the morning over my first coffee and writing my journal and also when I am out driving. As I don’t listen to music in the car I can have the quiet time to let my creative thoughts talk to me.

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