Are you ready for the lovely Christmas?

I just wanted to know that “Are you ready for the lovely Christmas 2019? Merry Christmas in advance”.

Merry Christmas Bauble

48 thoughts on “Are you ready for the lovely Christmas?

    • Ah, that was the great days. At childhood we had really enjoyed our days of Christmas. But now we are having responsibilities on our shoulders, and its a bit tough to manage it at all.

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  1. This year I’m not necessarily excited to celebrate it! But I love seeing people super excited to. There are only amazing people out there and I deeply think that they need an unforgettable Christmas😍🥰❤

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  2. Hi! I am looking forward to celebrating 🥳 Christmas 🎄.
    It’s the time of the year when all over the world, people are shopping for Christmas presents 🎁 and eats, children 👶 👶are happy, writing to Santa 🎅 and enjoying school holidays.
    I love the positive vibes in the air. Here, in Mauritius, it’s summer. It’s not going to be a white Christmas 🎄 but a beautiful Christmas 🎄 nonetheless.
    I thank you for liking my poetry and my write ups.
    This is a big Xmas present 🎁 for me. That you and other readers like what I write marvel me. I feel like the little girl 👧 I were in my mom and dad ‘s home 🏡 decades ago with my copy book 📖 nervously waiting for a word of appreciation from my loved ones.
    Thank you once more.
    Merry Christmas 🎄 ⛄️🎈🌸🥳🍒🌿🎁 to you in advance.

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  3. Our family’s favourite time of the year. So we’re trying our best to get everyone in the family ready, to appreciate Advent – reading as many Christmas stories as possible, gathering old toys and clothes to share with less fortunate kids and also decorating our home to add to that holiday spirit. 🙂 — amor

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