Don’t underestimate your worth

Don’t underestimate your worth in front of those who never cares for you. Who never want to be in their lives. Sometimes we run for the things or people who don’t value us, but we still want them to stay in our lives forever. Sometimes in a relationship, we beg someone to stay with us. We try to make them happy with every aspect and sometimes we let our self-respect down, just to make them happy and we only want them to stay with us. Don’t underestimate your worth. Underestimating your worth can obliterate your personality building.

Have you ever thought of why you always holding someone to stay with you? Why don’t you want them to go? Why you allow them always to break your heart? You always think to give them another chance to settle down the things in the dream of some better days. But honestly speaking, that time will not come back rather than it hurts you more. Please take a deep breath. No one is important to you than yourself, and it’s a time for you to move on, to give up on such relations that snatch your rest and peace of mind. Maybe you deserve something better than this in your life.

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You deserve more than this

You deserve more than this, it’s your mistake of making the people prioritize in your life and trying to please them. You always available for them when they need you in your thick and thin. You always stand for them when nobody cares for. But remember sometimes people use to for grant the favor from you and in return, they never cared for your emotions. Such people always take advantage of your presence and support in the wrong way. Why still you stick with such mean people? Remember you deserve more than this in your life.

By giving your best priority to someone, being available for them at every place but the things getting worse in return. You always face hopelessness from this type of person. When you never cared for your likes or dislikes then what is the reason to stay with? You really deserve something good in your life more than this. It’s just a waste of time and the time is your pleasure.

Sometimes you try your best to please your loved ones. Remember you only think that they are important to you, but they don’t think so. You can notice it by their behavior and attitude towards you. If they don’t support you to stand up in life and always you available for them, then, in my opinion, it will be better to stay alone, rather than to live with fake friends you deserve more than this. Don’t be hopeless, these people don’t deserve your best.

ideal inspiration
You deserve more than this

You always deserve to overwhelm with the colors of life. You need to stand out and search for the beauty of the world. You deserve to become special for someone rather than disrespect yourself. You deserve loving relations that are always around you when you need them with you. You deserve a family-like friends, who value you and your wishes the more. You deserve something better, something good that a world can offer you. You deserve love, care and more attention. Then why running towards the fake shadows that hurt you from deep inside? You deserve the loving people that don’t treat you like garbage or tissue paper. You deserve someone who loves you from the moon to back. You just need to have self-esteem and self-belief. Happiness and care is waiting for you.

Give a person the value he deserves, but it must not be at the cast of your emotions. Value a person more, especially to the one who believes in you. Give a chance if you are in a hope of goodness, but only a single chance. Because you deserve more than these fake faces, more than anything else in the world.

44 thoughts on “Don’t underestimate your worth

  1. Rather than comment direcctly, let me say that most young people start trying to find that one person to be with much too early. You are indeed a valuable person, but if you have not accomplished something on your own while you allowed your body and brain to catch up to adulthood. Face it, our brains are not ready to process adult stuff until we are around twenty-five. Some of the happier couples I’ve known marry in their late twenties/early thirties, Those individuals have well develooped personalities, usually a good job or have started a business of their own, and have money. Maybe they are not rich but they could stop, take Friday off and spend the weekend white water rafting or seeing Cirque du Soliel in Vegas Those are the kind of people who are ready for a relationship more likely and have the experience and savvy to read their prospective partner for the right signs. On the other hand, I make it a practice to avoid any person whose conversation is still unpleasant for quite a while afterward. If a five minute conversation can cause you five hours of frustration, regardless who the person might be put them out of your life as surely as if you had never known them.

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  2. Absolutely true.all humans are sent on earth with a definited aim by every person has his own value may be others accept or ignore.when the special time comes in the life then other all will know the value of ignored person.

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      1. I’m happy you do. I think it’s really good to help people reach their maximum potential and well like I always say; the world needs thinkers and action makers. Thank you for investing your worthy time and precious words on me, on us. Loads of love my friend.

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      2. Omg same. At the same time I find it challenging to find the right words to convince people to adopt other ways of living. Sometimes I cannot convince myself to do what’s right and I’m like “am I persuasive enough to make a POSITIVE change in their lives?” You may not know it but I makes me so happy to see people do those stuffs. Btw how did you come across my blog?

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      3. Omg thank you. I can only hope we’ll keep in touch. You’re such an easygoing person and we like that. You’re user name is also intriguing (at least to me) but I think I’m going to be used to it as I’ll be reading your coming posts.

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